Family Tree Names

Roessler, William (Private-)
Rogers, ? (Private-)
Rogers, Aboy G. Rogers (22 JAN 1818-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Bernard (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Brinkley (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Charles E. (Private-)
Rogers, George W. Rogers (21 OCT 1812-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Henry Harper (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, James B. (8 FEB 1814-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Jane T. Rogers (5 FEB 1824-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, John Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Laura Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Lavada Marie (Private-)
Rogers, Louisa H. Rogers (10 JAN 1816-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Lucinda G. Rogers (10 DEC 1819-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Narcissa Allen (-UNKNOWN)
Rogers, Nonness (4 NOV 1895-5 MAY 1934)
Rogers, William Riley Rogers (20 DEC 1821-UNKNOWN)
Rollins, Beth (Private-)
Rollins, Gary Dean (Private-)
Rollins, J. D. (-4 DEC 1995)
Roper, Ola Mae (-UNKNOWN)
Rose, Ellen Mary (Private-)
Rose, Ellen Mary (Private-)
Ross, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Rosso, ? (Private-)
Rosso, Sandra Kay (Private-)
Rostick, Dorothy (Private-)
Rourke, Rachel (Private-)
Rowan, Bessie (9 MAY 1892-28 APR 1963)
Rowan, McFarland (-UNKNOWN)
Rowe, Helen (Private-)
Rowland, Rosie Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Carrie Ellen (Private-)
Russell, Casey Renee (Private-)
Russell, Curt Leslie (Private-)
Russell, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Jack Edmond (Private-)
Russell, Joseph J. (-UNKNOWN)
Russell, L. H. (-UNKNOWN)
Russell, Leslie Ralph (Private-)
Russell, Ralph Everett (Private-)
Russell, Shawn Leigh (Private-)
Russell, Shea Lynne (Private-)
Russell, Wayne Everett (Private-)
Russell, William Roscoe (Private-)
Russell, Jr., William Roscoe (Private-)
Russing, Myrtle (Private-)
Rutledge, Sabbie (-UNKNOWN)
Ryan, Patricia Rae (Private-)
Ryland, Patsy (Private-)
Said, Callie (-UNKNOWN)
Saiz, Joe Philip (Private-)
Salamone, Al (Private-)
Salmon, George A. (-UNKNOWN)
Salmon, Savannah Lucy (19 AUG 1890-30 APR 1945)
Saltkill, Tansy (-UNKNOWN)
Sampson, Jr., Harvey Earl (Private-)
Sanders, III, Charles J. (Private-)
Sanders, Jr., Charles J. (Private-)
Sanders, Child (Private-)
Sanders, Clifford (Private-)
Sanders, Harlan Sanders (6 DEC 1931-2 NOV 1984)
Sanders, Jim (JUL 1874-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, John (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Kathleen (Private-)
Sanders, Margaret Parrish "Peggy" (Private-)
Sanders, Martha Clemmons (Private-)
Sanders, Rachel Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Sharon Rae (Private-)
Sanders, Stephen C. (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, W. Allen (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, W. H. (-UNKNOWN)
Sanders, Winnie (DEC 1895-1970)
Sandlin, Darwin (Private-)
Sandoval, Emma (Private-)
Sanford, "Sissy" (Private-)
Sanford, Clemma Carole (Private-)
Sanford, David Wayne (Private-)
Sanford, Elbert Clinton (16 JUL 1915-8 JUN)
Sanford, Kerry Donald (Private-)
Sanford, Larry Clinton (Private-)
Sanford, Lou Ann (Private-)
Sanford, Marty (Private-)
Sanford, Jr., Ralph (Private-)
Sanford, Sr., Ralph Nolen (Private-)
Sanford, Ray (Private-)
Sanford, Steven Ray (Private-)
Sanford, Walter Donald (-UNKNOWN)
Sanford, Wanda Gale (Private-)
Sarah, (-UNKNOWN)
Sarah, V, (-UNKNOWN)
Saunders, Asa H. (-UNKNOWN)
Saunders, Frances (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Saunders, Mary (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Saunders, Paul Evan (Private-)
Saunders, Samatha (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Saunders, Stephen Randolf (Private-)
Saunders, William (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Scales, Bernice (Private-)
Scates, Martha Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Schaffer, Rosa S. (-UNKNOWN)
Schakosky, Agnes Victoria (Private-)
Schakosky, Albert (-UNKNOWN)
Scheicher, Marge (Private-)
Schley, Ruby Hazel (10 JAN 1899-11 FEB 1980)
Schneemann, Louise Patricia (Private-)
Schneemann, Margaret Cynthia (Private-)
Schneemann, Walter Roemer (1918-1987)
Schribner, Cathy (Private-)
Schroeder, Billy Dean (Private-)
Schroeder, Joseph L. (9 OCT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Schroeder, Louis (Private-)
Schroeder, Sharon Sue (Private-)
Schroeder, Shirley Mae (Private-)
Scott, Joab (-UNKNOWN)
Seat, Abigail "Abby" (24 JUL 1887-31 MAY 1947)
Seat, Barbara June (Private-)
Seat, Donna Lee (Private-)
Seat, Emily Mae (Private-)
Seat, Erma Mae (14 MAY 1895-16 APR 1964)
Seat, Francis Emil (Private-)
Seat, Gilbert Milton (Private-)
Seat, Glenard Bernell "Glen" (29 DEC 1901-27 DEC 1987)
Seat, Infant (1940-1940)
Seat, Jennifer Jo (Private-)
Seat, June Bernice (Private-)
Seat, LaNora Helen (Private-)
Seat, Lelia Merrideen (Private-)
Seat, Louie Manuel "Lou" (2 NOV 1889-20 FEB 1960)
Seat, Michael Robert (Private-)
Seat, Milton Alan (Private-)
Seat, Patricia Eileen (Private-)
Seat, Phillip Donald "Don" (25 DEC 1898-4 JUL 1979)
Seat, Raymond Claude "Ray" (17 JUN 1892-16 AUG 1987)
Seat, Robert Arthur (Private-)
Seat, Robert Donald (14 JUN 1853-9 MAR 1927)
Seat, Roberta Nadine (Private-)
Seat, Ruth Ann (Private-)
Seat, Stephen Douglas (Private-)
Seat, William Donald (15 MAY 1926-2 MAY 1928)
Seawell, Florence (NOV 1861-28 APR 1902)
Seery, Shirley Byerly (Private-)
Seigenthaler, Helen (Private-)
Sellars, Ann Jeffries (21 SEP 1877-25 NOV 1965)
Sellars, Eli D. (-UNKNOWN)
Sellars, James Weatherspoon (-UNKNOWN)
Seller, William H. (-UNKNOWN)
Sellers, James Howard (Private-)
Sellers, Michael Richard (Private-)
Sellers, William George (Private-)
Sells, Jr., Benjamin (Private-)
Senmann, Charles Edward (Private-)
Sennann, Edward B. (Private-)
Senosky, Janice (Private-)
Senter, Essie Lois (-UNKNOWN)
Senter, Phil (Private-)
Sewell, Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Sexton, Lillie (Private-)
Shafer, Kathryn Virginia (Private-)
Shaffer, ? (Private-)
Shaffer, Chloe Brianna (Private-)
Shanks, Alena Lynn (Private-)
Shanks, Angela Chrystal (Private-)
Shanks, Bonnye Lynn (Private-)
Shanks, Donald Olan (Private-)
Shanks, Herbert Olan (4 NOV 1908-25 SEP 1986)
Shanks, Kelly Aileen (Private-)
Shanks, Kenneth Olan (Private-)
Shanks, Laverne (Private-)
Shanks, Minnie Mae (20 APR 1900-8 AUG 1984)
Shanks, Sherrilyn Sue (Private-)
Shanks, Terry Jordan (19 OCT 1905-UNKNOWN)
Shanks, Wilbert Jeanne (Private-)
Shanks, William (-UNKNOWN)
Shanks, William Frederick (2 SEP 1875-15 OCT 1931)
Shanks, II, William Frederick (Private-)
Shanks, III, William Frederick (Billy Fred) (Private-)
Shannon, Adelaide (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Cecil (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Cecil C (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Cleo (Private-)
Shannon, Dale Patrick (Private-)
Shannon, Eulah (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Frederick D. (Private-)
Shannon, George W. (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Georgia Ruth (Private-)
Shannon, Jr., Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, John A. (20 DEC 1804-23 DEC 1882)
Shannon, Kathleen J. (Private-)
Shannon, Lynn (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Margaret D. (1808-1854)
Shannon, Martha F. (ABT 1837-ABT 1855)
Shannon, Marvin (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Nonnie (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Paul Joseph (Private-)
Shannon, Percy (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Ramon (-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Robbie (Private-)
Shannon, Royal F. (2 DEC 1902-UNKNOWN)
Shannon, Washington Columbus (4 OCT 1838-1914)
Shannon, William B. (9 FEB 1836-9 JUL 1862)
Shannon, William L. (31 DEC 1869-1945)
Shannon, Wilson H. (-UNKNOWN)
Sharon, (Private-)
Sharp, Emma Jane (Private-)
Sharp, George Wshington (-UNKNOWN)
Sharp, James Albert (Private-)
Sharp, Jean-Yves James (Private-)
Sharp, Myra Jean (Private-)
Sharp, Timothy W. (Private-)
Sharpe, Murry (-UNKNOWN)
Shedd, Amanda Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Sheeks, ?? (-UNKNOWN)
Sheeks, Winnefred Lucille (Private-)
Sheets, F. Forest (Private-)
Sheets, Janet Luella (Private-)
Shelly, Virgie (Private-)
Shelton, Jr., Aaron Courdine (Private-)
Shelton, Joshua "Josh" Dale (Private-)
Shelton, Logue (-UNKNOWN)
Shelton, Richard Dale (Private-)
Shepard, Paul Tyler (-UNKNOWN)
Shepard, Pauline Frances (Private-)
Shepherd, Christine F. (Private-)
Shepherd, Christopher Adam (Private-)
Shepherd, James B. (Private-)
Shepherd, Jr., James B. (Private-)
Shepherd, Melissa Ann (Private-)
Sheriff, Brendan C. (Private-)
Sheriff, Makenzie R. (Private-)
Sheriff, Robert W. (Private-)
Sheriff, Robert Warren (Private-)
Sherman, Edna Lucene (-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Alfred Washington (19 SEP 1843-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Alia Luvenia (-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Amanda Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Archibald (-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Elizabeth Tabitha (4 DEC 1860-2 APR 1941)
Sherrill, Fanny Mai (19 JUL 1908-16 MAY 1993)
Sherrill, Frances L. (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Infant (BEF 1852-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Infant (AFT 1844-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, James Wilson (ABT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, John Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Laura J. (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Lavina (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Lawrence Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Lula (-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Margaret Ann (ABT 1880-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Martha Jane (18 JUL 1829-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Robert Pierce (-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Samuel Wilson (10 MAY 1810-1862)
Sherrill, Silas T. (ABT 1875-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, Washington Abner (ABT 1874-ABT 1982)
Sherrill, William David (ABT 1872-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, William J. (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Sherrill, William Mury (ABT 1837-AFT 1900)
Shields, Margie (Private-)
Shingle, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)
Shire, Brenda Kay (Private-)
Shoemake, Martha Jane (-22 JUN 1981)
Shore, Preston (-UNKNOWN)
Short, Dwayne Louis (Private-)
Short, Edward (Private-)
Short, Gerald Truman (Private-)
Short, James Samuel (Private-)
Shorter, Anna B. (ABT 1878-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, Ida M. (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, James (-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, James (-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, James R. (1845-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, Lorenzo J. (1869-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, Lucy John (ABT 1876-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, Mary Alice (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, Sally (ABT 1880-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, Samuel M. (ABT 1868-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, Susie (1874-UNKNOWN)
Shorter, William B. (ABT 1840-UNKNOWN)
Shott, Ian Andrew (Private-)
Shott, Joshua Christopher (Private-)
Shott, Ronald Gene (Private-)
Shreeve, A. A. Tobe (-UNKNOWN)
Shreeve, Clifton (-UNKNOWN)
Shreeve, Daisy (19 JAN 1898-1 MAY 1917)
Shreeve, Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)
Shreeve, Lila (22 MAR 1890-10 FEB 1925)
Shreeve, Lillian (-UNKNOWN)
Shreeve, Robert Claude (1886-1925)
Shreeve, Sudie (-UNKNOWN)
Shrum, Donald (Private-)
Sihvonen, Ann Lynne (Private-)
Sikes, Jane (Private-)
Silveus, Sharon Arlene (Private-)
Simmons, Anna Moffatt (Private-)
Simmons, Charles William (11 SEP 1892-18 JUN 1976)
Simmons, James (-UNKNOWN)
Simmons, Linda (Private-)
Simmons, Margaret Sherrill (Private-)
Simms, Jr., John Albert (Private-)
Simms, Kerri Lynn (Private-)
Simms, Lisa Michelle (Private-)
Simms, Maude Agness (-UNKNOWN)
Simpson, Fannie (-UNKNOWN)
Simpson, Ulysses Grant (-UNKNOWN)
Sims, Joretta Ann (Private-)
Sims, Odis (Private-)
Singer, Edward A. (Private-)
Singleton, Douglas (Private-)
Singleton, Mildred Fay (Private-)
Skaggs, Verlon (Private-)
Skeen, Edith F. "Edy" (1845-1920)
Skeen, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Skidmore, Connie Lee (Private-)
Skinner, Irene (-UNKNOWN)
Skinner, James (Private-)
Skinner, Joe Allen "Nichols" (Private-)
Skinner, Robyn Wynn (Nichols) (Private-)
Skinner, Travis D. (Private-)
Skipper, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Skipper, Edward (11 JAN 1904-UNKNOWN)
Slaughter, Elizabeth R. (-UNKNOWN)
Sledge, Stacey (Private-)
Sloan, Beulah Irma King (Private-)
Sloan, Carl David (Private-)
Sloan, Curtis Eugene (Private-)
Sloan, Eugene Holloway "Gene" (14 SEP 1907-21 MAY 1997)
Sloan, Eugenia Holloway (Private-)
Sloan, Gene Holloway (Private-)
Sloan, Henry Churchill (21 SEP 1873-8 APR 1947)
Sloan, James R. (Private-)
Sloan, Jennifer Sherrill (Private-)
Sloan, John Steven (Private-)
Sloan, Jonathan Roy (Private-)
Sloan, II, Joseph White "Jay" (Private-)
Sloan, Joseph White "Joe" (Private-)
Sloan, Julia Ann (Private-)
Sloan, Lilli Anne Twining (Private-)
Sloan, Matt (Private-)
Sloan, Nancy Ruth (Private-)
Sloan, Remington Forrest (Private-)
Sloan, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Sloan, Sarah (-11 MAR 1984)
Sloan, Thomas White "Tommy" (Private-)
Sloan, Vernon Dillard (NOV 1898-JUN 1899)
Sloan, William Henry "Bill" (Private-)
Sloan-Saunders, Samantha Twining (Private-)
Sloann, III, Joseph White (Private-)
Smarjesse, Albert (Private-)
Smart, Nancy Catherine (ABT 1826-BET 1857 AND 1860)
Smart, Philip (-UNKNOWN)
Smartt, Donald Oakley (Private-)
Smedley, Claude I (Private-)
Smith, (Private-)
Smith, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Alicia Lee (Private-)
Smith, Anderson Eugene (Private-)
Smith, Andy (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Anna Ruth (Private-)
Smith, Annie (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Bertha (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Bertha Diane (Private-)
Smith, Bob (Private-)
Smith, Bob G. (Private-)
Smith, Brandon Todd (Private-)
Smith, Buford (Private-)
Smith, Calvin Baird (Private-)
Smith, Charles (Private-)
Smith, Clay (Private-)
Smith, Dave Clinton (Private-)
Smith, Sr., Dave William (-11 JAN 1987)
Smith, Jr., Dave William (Private-)
Smith, David (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, David Bailey (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, David Wayne (Private-)
Smith, Diamond Milton (Private-)
Smith, Dora (Private-)
Smith, Effie Evelyn (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Ella Dee Gertrude (Private-)
Smith, Eugene Swann (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Frederick Adrian (Private-)
Smith, Gerald T. (Private-)
Smith, Glenda Kay (Private-)
Smith, Henry Carl (Private-)
Smith, Herman (Private-)
Smith, Ida Mae (27 NOV 1874-16 NOV 1958)
Smith, Infant (OCT 1937-OCT 1937)
Smith, Isabella Della (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, James Etheldred "Jim" (Private-)
Smith, James Hugh (Private-)
Smith, James Peyton (-1966)
Smith, James Scott (Private-)
Smith, James Wayland (Private-)
Smith, Jody (Private-)
Smith, Jody Lynn (Private-)
Smith, Jr., John (Private-)
Smith, John Houston (21 FEB 1899-21 FEB 1987)
Smith, Jr., John Paul (Private-)
Smith, John R. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Katherine (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Katherine Ann (Private-)
Smith, Kathleen (Private-)
Smith, Kolby David (Private-)
Smith, Laura (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Lawreen (Private-)
Smith, Lawrence (21 SEP 1902-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Louis Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Lucy E. (5 MAR 1843-1 JAN 1927)
Smith, Mandy Marie (Private-)
Smith, Margaret Ann (26 MAY 1889-27 AUG 1956)
Smith, Martha Elizabeth (Private-)
Smith, Mary Alice (Private-)
Smith, Mary Elizabeth (8 APR 1848-16 JUL 1883)
Smith, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
Smith, Mary Lucille (Private-)
Smith, Matthew (Private-)
Smith, Mattie Blanche (10 MAY 1886-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Mattie Lou (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Michelle Bobbi (Private-)
Smith, Myrtle Bell (Private-)
Smith, Nelle Ruth (Private-)
Smith, Nellie B. (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Ola Mae (Private-)
Smith, Patricia Ann (Private-)
Smith, Patsy (Private-)
Smith, Pearl (1907-1971)
Smith, Phyllis (Private-)
Smith, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Robert Calvin (16 SEP 1888-31 OCT 1958)
Smith, Robert Paul (Private-)
Smith, Rufus (Private-)
Smith, Russell (Private-)
Smith, Sahwn (Private-)
Smith, Sarah Louise (24 DEC 1920-1984)
Smith, Scot (Private-)
Smith, Sharon Ann (Private-)
Smith, Sterling (-UNKNOWN)
Smith, Steven (Private-)
Smith, Teresa (Private-)
Smock, Norma Lynn (-1954)
Smotherman, Andrea Brooke (Private-)
Smotherman, Andrea Nicole (Private-)
Smotherman, Butler (22 DEC 1912-10 MAR 1954)
Smotherman, Charles Randal (Private-)
Smotherman, Charles Rex (20 JAN 1937-7 MAR 1995)
Smotherman, Jeffrey Lee (Private-)
Smotherman, Kimley Brooke (Private-)
Smotherman, Sarah Elizabeth (Private-)
Smothers, Bertha May (-UNKNOWN)
Snair, Thomas Neal (Private-)
Snaveley, ? (-1971)
Sneed, Betty (-UNKNOWN)
Sneller, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Soignet, Marion Lewis (Private-)
Somers, Abijah (-UNKNOWN)
Somers, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Sons, Earl (Private-)
Soucy, Jeanette (Private-)
Spain, Charles (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Spain, Elizabeth "Bettie" (JAN 1865-UNKNOWN)
Spain, John P. (-UNKNOWN)
Spain, John W. (ABT 1862-UNKNOWN)
Spain, John W. (MAR 1833-AFT 1900)
Spain, Martha A. (ABT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Spain, Matilda C. (ABT 1835-BEF 1872)
Spain, Stephen (-UNKNOWN)
Spain, Thomas (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Sparks, Mildred (10 MAY 1816-30 SEP 1872)
Spencer, Clarke (Private-)
Spencer, Dani Keisha (Private-)
Spencer, Jamita Marvino "Jamie" (Private-)
Spencer, Robert Clarke (Private-)
Spencer, Shawn Porter (Private-)
Spivey, Billy Wayne (Private-)
Spivey, Jason Wayne (Private-)
Spivey, Ryan David (Private-)
Stacey, Katherine (-UNKNOWN)
Stacy, Alexander (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Stacy, Francis (ABT 1857-UNKNOWN)
Stacy, Henry (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Stacy, Jacob (1824-UNKNOWN)
Stacy, Mary E. (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Stacy, Thomas J. (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Stacy, William (-UNKNOWN)
Stacy, William (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Stanford, Mary Eldora (Private-)
Stanford, Richard B. (Private-)
Stanford, Richard B. (-UNKNOWN)
Stanley, James (Private-)
Stanley, Kenneth Michael (Private-)
Stanley, Robert Kenneth (Private-)
Stark, Virginia (Private-)
Starnes, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Steed, Angela Noel (Private-)
Steed, Anna (Private-)
Steed, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Steed, Fanny (-UNKNOWN)
Steed, Jeffery Scott (Private-)
Steed, Mark Bolding (11 DEC 1963-13 JUN 1980)
Steed, Mollie E. (-UNKNOWN)
Steed, Noah G. (-UNKNOWN)
Steed, Oscar (-UNKNOWN)
Steed, Paul William (Private-)
Steed, Roger Dale (Private-)
Steed, Thomas (Private-)
Steed, Thomas Howard (Private-)
Steed, Tracy (Private-)
Steed, William Harlee (6 FEB 1910-18 SEP 1995)
Steele, Glenda Faye (Private-)
Stefka, Aline (Private-)
Stefka, Emil (-UNKNOWN)
Stem, Mallie Orvis (3 MAR 1896-7 NOV 1979)
Stendahl, Amira Justine (Private-)
Stephens, Margie Evelyn (Private-)
Stephens, Musie (Private-)
Stephens, William Kent (Private-)
Sterling, Jean Delores (Private-)
Sterling, Jessica Elizabeth (Private-)
Sterling, Tre' Alexander (Private-)
Sternberg, Lynne (Private-)
Stevens, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)
Stevens, John (-UNKNOWN)
Steward, Ada Lilene (-UNKNOWN)
Stewart, Aaron Ross (Private-)
Stewart, Adam Wesley (Private-)
Stewart, Beverly Ann (Private-)
Stewart, Greg (Private-)
Stewart, Michael Logan (Private-)
Stewart, Richard Clay (Private-)
Stigelman, Rachael Adeline (-UNKNOWN)
Stiles, Bobby Lynn (Private-)
Stiles, Janet Lynn (Private-)
Stiles, Michael Scott (Private-)
Stiner, Dottie (Private-)
Stirnaman, Carl (Private-)
Stirnaman, Linda Carol (Private-)
Stirnaman, Patricia Michelle (Private-)
Stirnaman, Richard Carl (Private-)
Stirnaman, Scott Alan (Private-)
Stoermer, Jr., Fred (-1997)
Stoermer, Fred (Private-)
Stoermer, Kenneth (Private-)
Stoermer, Rosemary (-BEF 2002)
Stoker, Noreen (Private-)
Stoker, Jr., Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Stone, Beverly Jean (Private-)
Stone, Frank (Private-)
Stone, Gary (Private-)
Stone, Jeffrey Ryan (Private-)
Stone, John (Private-)
Stone, Jonathan Bradley (Private-)
Stone, Martha Marion (-UNKNOWN)
Stone, Sandra (Private-)
Stone, Sarah Lain (17 APR 1947-17 APR 1947)
Stone, Twyla Jean (Private-)
Stone, William Albert (5 JUN 1892-12 DEC 1958)
Stone, William Eugene (26 MAR 1914-5 MAR 1989)
Stone, William Terry (Private-)
Stonecipher, Mary (Private-)
Stoner, Mary Louise (Private-)
Stonesifer, F. Vernelle (Private-)
Storey, Mary Ola (-UNKNOWN)
Storie, Wanda C. (Private-)
Storms, Catherine Jane (-SEP 1986)
Stover, Sandra Key (Private-)
Strain, Mahala R. (-UNKNOWN)
Strawn, Sharon Kaye (Private-)
Stricklin, Connie Lucille (Private-)
Stricklin, Dwight Dean (1905-1924)
Stricklin, John Willis (9 NOV 1877-30 NOV 1927)
Stricklin, Kenneth (1911-1911)
Stricklin, Marquis Clyde (1908-UNKNOWN)
Stricklin, Mary Elizabeth (1899-UNKNOWN)
Stricklin, Neva May (1902-UNKNOWN)
Strong, Betty Ray (Private-)
Stuart, Homer O. (-UNKNOWN)
Stuart, Kathleen (Private-)
Stuart, Robert Ross (Private-)
Stuart, Sheri Lynn (Private-)
Stubblefield, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Stultz, Diane (Private-)
Stultz, James Lee (Private-)
Sudbury, Eloise (Private-)
Sue, (Private-)
Suite, Beatrice Earl (Private-)
Suite, Carter B. (3 JUL 1888-19 MAR 1969)
Suite, Frances Jean (Private-)
Suite, William F. (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Anna M. (OCT 1888-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Arthur L. (MAY 1887-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Betty Lois (Private-)
Sullivan, Bobbie Jean (Private-)
Sullivan, Bobbie Jean (Private-)
Sullivan, Bobby (Private-)
Sullivan, C. Dale (Private-)
Sullivan, Douglas Edwad (Private-)
Sullivan, Ebert (23 SEP 1878-29 MAR 1918)
Sullivan, Eclemuel (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Eclemuel Newton (23 OCT 1868-22 SEP 1949)
Sullivan, Ethel (SEP 1895-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Evie (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Fannie Hester (11 JUL 1872-29 JUL 1955)
Sullivan, Fred (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, G. William (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Glaneece (Private-)
Sullivan, Hooper Phillip (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Howard Young (7 JAN 1895-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, James Elijah (23 OCT 1872-11 AUG 1956)
Sullivan, James Elijah (MAY 1865-BET 1947 AND 1948)
Sullivan, James Howard (28 JAN 1929-20 JUL 1977)
Sullivan, James Patrick (Private-)
Sullivan, James William (Private-)
Sullivan, James Wilson (Private-)
Sullivan, James Young (7 JUL 1902-23 SEP 1973)
Sullivan, Jamie Lynn (Private-)
Sullivan, John W. (JUN 1861-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Jon Paul (Private-)
Sullivan, Judy Mai (Private-)
Sullivan, Jr., Karl Shelby (Private-)
Sullivan, Karl Shelby (29 MAR 1916-16 JUN 1992)
Sullivan, Kelly Jean (Private-)
Sullivan, Kevin Barnes (-2002)
Sullivan, Kevin Barnes (Private-)
Sullivan, Louis E. (Private-)
Sullivan, Louis Garret (Private-)
Sullivan, Loyd Templeton (Private-)
Sullivan, Lula (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Lula Bell (29 APR 1881-1 AUG 1896)
Sullivan, Lynda Gail (Private-)
Sullivan, Marcus (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Margaret Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Margie (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Margie (MAR 1882-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Mark (Private-)
Sullivan, Mary Ann (Private-)
Sullivan, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Mary Kathleen (14 NOV 1904-17 DEC 1978)
Sullivan, Mary Margaret (24 FEB 1922-2 NOV 1924)
Sullivan, Mary Margaret (Private-)
Sullivan, Nancy (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Nannie Lou (MAY 1894-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Nathaniel (1908-22 SEP 1949)
Sullivan, Oscar G. (SEP 1891-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Patrick Shelby (Private-)
Sullivan, Patti Jean (Private-)
Sullivan, Phillip Richard (Private-)
Sullivan, Richard H. (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Jr., Richard H. (1938-26 SEP 1987)
Sullivan, III, Richard Hugh (Private-)
Sullivan, Robert Driver (Private-)
Sullivan, Robert Estill (Private-)
Sullivan, Robert Martin (Private-)
Sullivan, Robert Peyton (31 JAN 1913-2 JUL 1979)
Sullivan, Robet Cecil (30 JAN 1898-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Roy Parker (DEC 1896-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, Samuel F. (FEB 1859-1928)
Sullivan, Sheila Dawn (22 MAY 1978-23 MAY 1978)
Sullivan, Steven (Private-)
Sullivan, Teresa (Private-)
Sullivan, Thomas William (5 AUG 1854-18 APR 1938)
Sullivan, Tiny (23 AUG 1908-28 DEC 1985)
Sullivan, Travis Jerome (Private-)
Sullivan, Virginia McKelvy (Private-)
Sullivan, William Burrell (-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, William Cecil (23 DEC 1892-22 DEC 1959)
Sullivan, William P. (SEP 1882-UNKNOWN)
Sullivan, William Parker (13 DEC 1829-3 JAN 1903)
Summar, John Patterson (-UNKNOWN)
Summar, Linda Joy (Private-)
Summar, Robert P. (Private-)
Summars, Annie Luvice (Private-)
Summars, Betty Jeane (9 JAN 1930-UNKNOWN)
Summars, Calvin Cheslie (Private-)
Summars, Daphine Joyce (13 SEP 1927-5 JAN 2000)
Summars, Estell (20 NOV 1919-20 DEC 1919)
Summars, Faris Cleborn (25 DEC 1891-30 OCT 1967)
Summars, Herbert Wilson (25 FEB 1922-24 JAN 1925)
Summars, James Monroe (9 AUG 1918-25 JAN 1989)
Summars, Myrtle Lee (12 NOV 1924-4 AUG 2000)
Summerlin, Hattie L. (27 JUL 1891-7 JUN 1941)
Summers, Laura (1870-7 JUL 1897)
Summers, Mattie Underwood (-UNKNOWN)
Summers, Robert G. (-UNKNOWN)
Summers, Viola Melvina (27 FEB 1880-12 JAN 1979)
Summers, Willie (-UNKNOWN)
Summy, Sam (Private-)
Sutherland, Ruby Icel (Private-)
Sutton, Louisa Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Sutton, William Nevil (-UNKNOWN)
Suzanne, Valerie (Private-)
Swain, Alene Lanier (Private-)
Swain, Josephine (9 JUN 1852-4 JUL 1926)
Sykes, Trudy Ann (Private-)
T., Virginia (Private-)
Tachiedel, Rita (Private-)
Talley, Mabel (Private-)
Tanksley, ?? (-UNKNOWN)
Tanksley, Manie Hatten (-UNKNOWN)
Tarven, Rosa Nina (-UNKNOWN)
Tarwater, Elizabeth Frances (Private-)
Tatum, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, ? (-AFT 1948)
Taylor, ? (Private-)
Taylor, Barbara Jean (Private-)
Taylor, Beverly Allison (Private-)
Taylor, Carrie Beth (Private-)
Taylor, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, James Woodson (-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Jeremy (Private-)
Taylor, Julia Mae (4 JUN 1905-13 JUN 1978)
Taylor, Mollie (-UNKNOWN)
Taylor, Paul (Private-)
Taylor, Terecia (Private-)
Teague, Dolly (-UNKNOWN)
Teague, Sarah "Sally" (1792-UNKNOWN)
Teague, William (-UNKNOWN)
Telford, Allie Bell (Private-)
Telford, Hugh Delbert (1887-UNKNOWN)
Telford, James Louis "J.L." (21 AUG-UNKNOWN)
Telford, Linda Carolyn (Private-)
Temperance?, (-UNKNOWN)
Temple, Mary Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Terry, Betsy McLean (Private-)
Terry, Edna (Private-)
Terry, Randy Lynn (Private-)
Thayer, Rosamond (Private-)
Thielen, Jack J. (Private-)
Thomas, Betty Sue (Private-)
Thomas, Cheryl (Private-)
Thomas, Laura (20 SEP 1875-24 AUG 1950)
Thomas, Newton (-UNKNOWN)
Thomas, Sharon (Private-)
Thomason, Anthony (Private-)
Thomason, Tyler "Ty" Nolin Lowell (Private-)
Thompkins, Will (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Ann Marie (Private-)
Thompson, Belle Lehman (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Bertha V. (14 JUL 1883-11 SEP 1975)
Thompson, Bessie Edna (24 DEC 1886-30 SEP 1960)
Thompson, Bob (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Cecil Emanuel (13 SEP 1891-11 SEP 1982)
Thompson, Comer (Private-)
Thompson, Constance Sue (Private-)
Thompson, Doris (Private-)
Thompson, Dorothy (Private-)
Thompson, Eclia Patricia (Private-)
Thompson, Edith (Private-)
Thompson, Emanuel L. (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Eugene Wesley (10 NOV 1894-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Euma (Private-)
Thompson, Gayle (Private-)
Thompson, George Drury (21 NOV 1847-10 JUN 1919)
Thompson, Glen (Private-)
Thompson, Gregory Allen (Private-)
Thompson, Hudson Lee (Private-)
Thompson, Ima (Private-)
Thompson, James Parrish (Private-)
Thompson, Jean (Private-)
Thompson, Jessie May (3 MAY 1891-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Karyn Lee (Private-)
Thompson, Leander (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Leslie Beth (Private-)
Thompson, Leslie Claude (Private-)
Thompson, Leslie Steven (Private-)
Thompson, Lester Harper (15 MAR 1894-3 AUG 1934)
Thompson, Lou Anna (14 NOV 1866-27 JUN 1902)
Thompson, Maggie Viola (11 SEP 1873-12 JUL 1978)
Thompson, Mary Eliza (30 DEC 1875-4 SEP 1954)
Thompson, Mary L. "Mollie" (APR 1840-1901)
Thompson, Mary Lois (11 FEB 1853-7 JUL 1910)
Thompson, Matthew Wesley (Private-)
Thompson, Mattie Louise (Private-)
Thompson, Michael Wayne (Private-)
Thompson, Nancy Leoma (25 NOV 1880-29 OCT 1972)
Thompson, Nancy Sophronia (25 SEP 1850-17 OCT 1921)
Thompson, Norma Louise (Private-)
Thompson, Octavia Ann "Octie" (SEP 1871-10 OCT 1958)
Thompson, Otho D. (17 JUL 1911-22 SEP 1991)
Thompson, Peggy Ruth (Private-)
Thompson, Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, R. M. "Buddy" (Private-)
Thompson, Roderick Eugene (Private-)
Thompson, Roger (Private-)
Thompson, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Ruth Ann (Private-)
Thompson, Sam (-1902)
Thompson, Sam D (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Sam Donald (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Samuel Thomas "Sam" (19 DEC 1903-6 JUN 1994)
Thompson, Susan Elaine (Private-)
Thompson, Susan Irene (Private-)
Thompson, Wesley (-UNKNOWN)
Thompson, Willette (15 AUG 1901-17 MAR 1941)
Thompson, William Jasper (17 AUG 1877-28 JUL 1956)
Thornton, Irena Jane (1821-AUG 1900)
Thornton, Lisa Marie (Private-)
Thornton, Martha (ABT 1844-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Matthew Matthias "Matt" (ABT 1822-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Nancy Elizabeth (ABT 1848-UNKNOWN)
Thornton, Seth (ABT 1785-23 OCT 1841)
Thurston, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Tidwell, Mary Helen (-UNKNOWN)
Timbs, James H. (Private-)
Timbs, Kelly Marie (Private-)
Tinnon, Carol (Private-)
Tinnon, Gail Tinnon (25 SEP 1958-9 MAY 1980)
Tinnon, Jr., Sam (4 MAR 1933-22 JUL 1961)
Tisdale, Brenda Joyce (Private-)
Tisdale, Cheryl Lynn (Private-)
Tisdale, Linda June (Private-)
Tisdale, Reba Charline (Private-)
Tisdale, Sherri Kay (Private-)
Tisdale, Jr., William (-8 DEC 1968)
Tollis, ? (Private-)
Tomberlain, Sandra Gail (Private-)
Tomlinson, Annie (-UNKNOWN)
Tower, Barbara (Private-)
Towler, Harod Seight (-UNKNOWN)
Towler, Margaret Chlothilde (Private-)
Townes, Buford Jackson (-UNKNOWN)
Townes, Buford Ronald (30 JUN 1930-6 JUN 1995)
Townes, James Marshal (26 APR 1933-BET 2000 AND 2003)
Towns, Marvin Belvin (-UNKNOWN)
Towns, Pansy Eloise (Private-)
Townsend, William Vernon (Private-)
Townsley, Thomas Hayes (15 AUG 1963-24 NOV 1991)
Tracy, Michael (Private-)
Trammel, Jake (Private-)
Trammel, Myrtle (-3 NOV 1983)
Trantham, Martha Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Trent, Larry L. (Private-)
Trent, Leslie Renee (Private-)
Tribble, Clifton (-UNKNOWN)
Tribble, Connie Lynn (Private-)
Tribble, Deborah (Private-)
Tribble, Jr., Howell Clifton (Private-)
Tribble, James Clifton (Private-)
Tribble, Joyce Ann (Private-)
Tribble, Kathie Dawn (Private-)
Tribble, Mary Ann (Private-)
Tribble, Mary Jane (Private-)
Trice, Edna (-UNKNOWN)
Trimpy, John Eccles (Private-)
Trombley, ?? (Private-)
Trosper, Jake (-UNKNOWN)
Troutt, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Truett, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)
Truett, Margaret (ABT 1806-BET 1860 AND 1870)
Truett, Rachel (9 MAY 1810-ABT MAR 1860)
Trusiak, Paul (Private-)
Trusiak, Paul Lawrence (Private-)
Tucker, Anna Betty (18 JUN 1891-UNKNOWN)
Tucker, Faye (Private-)
Tucker, Ian (Private-)
Tuggle, Bessie (-15 FEB 1983)
Tullis, Bradley (Private-)
Tullis, Eva Mae (Private-)
Tullis, John Wesley (Private-)
Tullis, Karen Suzanne (Private-)
Tullis, Makayla (Johnson) (Private-)
Tullis, Philip Henderson (Private-)
Tullis, Rhonda (Private-)
Tullis, Sheila Tullis (Private-)
Tullis, William Thomas (Private-)
Tune, Anita Louise (Private-)
Tune, Michael William (Private-)
Tune, Jr., Michael William (Private-)
Tune, Rhoda (Private-)
Tune, Scott Steven (Private-)
Tune, Tyson Meridette (Private-)
Tune, William Wilson (27 SEP 1914-10 OCT 1987)
Turbeville, Rebecca (Beckie) J. (-UNKNOWN)
Turner, Bertha Opal (Private-)
Turner, Bonnie Mary (23 MAY 1914-23 MAY 1989)
Turner, Stephen (Private-)
Turner, Zola (Private-)
Tuttle, Susie (-NOV 1940)
Tye, Joyce Boyce (ABT 1625-BET 1680 AND 1685)
Tyree, Pearl McClelland (-UNKNOWN)
Uhles, Elton (Private-)
Underwood, Leslie Glenn (Private-)
Underwood, Vera Alma (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, (-UNKNOWN)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unknown, (Private-)
Unsell, Bessie Thelma (Private-)
Unsell, Bruce Byron (20 SEP 1903-27 AUG 1965)
Unsell, Edna (23 OCT 1910-27 MAY 1912)
Unsell, Edwin Elmo (Private-)
Unsell, Genevieve "Jenny" (Private-)
Unsell, Gladys Marguerite (Private-)
Unsell, John Edward (29 MAR 1877-UNKNOWN)
Unsell, William Clyde (1 JUL 1908-26 JUN 1909)
Unsell, William Harrison (-UNKNOWN)
Unsell, Willie Foy (Private-)
Upchurch, Bertrand Leon (12 JAN 1905-28 DEC 1990)
Upchurch, Lola Mai (Private-)
Upchurch, Richard Leon (Private-)
Upchurch, Robert Edward (Private-)
Upchurch, Robert L. (-UNKNOWN)
Upchurch, Sam Bayless (Private-)
Upchurch, Sam Clemmons (Private-)
Upchurch, Samuel Abner (26 JUL 1873-12 SEP 1936)
Upchurch, Samuel William Joseph (Private-)
Ury, Harvey (-UNKNOWN)
Utsler, Sylvan Earl (-UNKNOWN)
Van Hook, Eugenia (Private-)
Van Hook, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Van Hook, Fred (Private-)
Van Hook, Frieda Janette (Private-)
Van Hook, Jack Wilson (Private-)
Van Hook, James Franklin (Private-)
Van Hook, James Kristopher (Private-)
Van Hook, James Rober (Private-)
Van Hook, Joyce Maclyne (Private-)
Van Hook, Lisa Ann (Private-)
Van Hook, Madonna Kaye (Private-)
Van Hook, Robert Eugene (Private-)
Van Hook, Ronnie Lee (Private-)
Van Hook, Walter Eugene (-UNKNOWN)
Vancloosters, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)
Vanderver, Ethel Marie (Private-)
Vann, Nancy (-6 JAN 1994)
Vantrease, Aubrey Compton (-UNKNOWN)
Vantrease, Cindy Ann (Private-)
Vantrease, Daisy (1 APR 1908-7 NOV 1978)
Vantrease, Darlene (Private-)
Vantrease, Dennis Lynn (Private-)
Vantrease, Edith (13 JUL 1912-1979)
Vantrease, Howard Kenneth (14 JUN 1927-26 SEP 1983)
Vantrease, Iris Jeanette (Private-)
Vantrease, Mary Ladell (Private-)
Vantrease, Mary Louise (Private-)
Vantrease, Richard (Private-)
Vantrease, Robert Compton "Bobby" (17 APR 1925-14 MAY 1970)
Vantrease, Robert E. (1872-1957)
Vantrease, Twins (Private-)
Varvel, Jerry J. (Private-)
Varvel, Jerry J. (Private-)
Varvel, Michele Denise (Private-)
Varvel, Wesley (-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, Colleen Megan (Private-)
Vaughan, Eula Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, Jenna Caitlan (Private-)
Vaughan, Linda Marie (Private-)
Vaughan, William Clarence (29 JUL 1903-UNKNOWN)
Vaughan, William Terry (Private-)
Vaughn, Bruce (Private-)
Vaughn, Carolyn Sue (Private-)
Vaughn, Charles Thomas (Private-)
Vaughn, Clarence (-UNKNOWN)
Vaughn, Cynthia (Private-)
Vaughn, David (-24 FEB 1985)
Vaughn, Erlene (12 MAY 1906-5 OCT 1998)
Vaughn, James David (Private-)
Vaughn, Larry (Private-)
Vaughn, Lindsay Olivia (Private-)
Vaughn, Lucy B. (-UNKNOWN)
Vaughn, Michael Ray (Private-)
Vaughn, Scott (Private-)
Vaughn, Thomas (Private-)
Vaughter, George D. (1872-1956)
Veal, Annie Mae (-UNKNOWN)
Veasey, E J (-UNKNOWN)
Vest, Elba (Private-)
Vetetoe, Betty (Private-)
Vetter, Fred Otto (-UNKNOWN)
Vetter, Lita Jo (Private-)
Vetter, Norman Kolbe "Cole" (Private-)
Vetter, Norman Ray (Private-)
Vickers, L. Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Vickers, Melissa A. (-UNKNOWN)
Vickers, W. W. "Tobias" (-UNKNOWN)
Vincent, Emma Agnes (-UNKNOWN)
Virginia, (Private-)
Vivrett, Tennessee (-UNKNOWN)
Voelkel, Stanlee E. (Private-)
Voss, Gus (Private-)
Wade, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
Wade, Doris Charlotte (Private-)
Wade, Joseph John (-8 JUL 1987)
Wade, Lucy Andrew Jackson (-UNKNOWN)
Wade, W. D. (Private-)
Wagner, James Webb (Private-)
Wagner, Willie "Jean" (Private-)
Walden, J. T. (Private-)
Walden, Virginia Alene (Private-)
Waldron, Donna (Private-)
Walker, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Arrena (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Billy (Private-)
Walker, Edward D. (Private-)
Walker, Helen (Private-)
Walker, James (Private-)
Walker, John Knox (Private-)
Walker, Johnny (Private-)
Walker, Lillian F. (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Lisa (Private-)
Walker, Lois (Private-)
Walker, Marie (Private-)
Walker, Melissa Mary (Private-)
Walker, Michael (Private-)
Walker, Oliver Jerome (Private-)
Walker, Oscar (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Walker, Steve (Private-)

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