Family Tree Names

Huff, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Huff, Arlene (Private-)
Huff, Telithia (-UNKNOWN)
Hughly, Mary Hummer (-UNKNOWN)
Humm, Frances Janett (Private-)
Humphrey, Connie Lynn (Private-)
Humphrey, Debra Ann (Private-)
Humphrey, Heather Danielle (Private-)
Humphrey, Holly Dawn (Private-)
Humphrey, Johnny Douglas (Private-)
Humphrey, Johnny Howard (Private-)
Humphreys, Cloyd (Private-)
Humphreys, Ruth (Private-)
Humphries, Wayburn (Private-)
Hunnsucker, Maude (-UNKNOWN)
Hunt, Emily (-UNKNOWN)
Hunter, ?? (Private-)
Hunter, Andrew H. (-UNKNOWN)
Hunter, Frances (1 DEC 1927-20 AUG 1992)
Hunter, Rebecca Anne (Private-)
Huppert, Minnie (-UNKNOWN)
Huta, Bernice Eleanor (Private-)
Hutto, Roger (Private-)
Ibbett, Gertrude (Private-)
Idell, Rosalee (-UNKNOWN)
Ingram, ? (Private-)
Ingram, Amanda Caroline (APR 1848-1925)
Ingram, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Ingram, Mary Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Iris, (Private-)
Irving, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Irwin, Julie E. (-UNKNOWN)
Irwin, Robert (-9 JUN 1835)
Ivey, Gina (Private-)
Ivy, Elsie Margaret (Private-)
Jackson, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Dallas Paige (Private-)
Jackson, Dennis Keith (Private-)
Jackson, Ernest H. (Private-)
Jackson, Georgia (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Harold (Private-)
Jackson, Henrietta (5 MAY 1861-1943)
Jackson, Henry Paul (Private-)
Jackson, Jeffrey Keith (Private-)
Jackson, Jeremiah Scott (Private-)
Jackson, Joan Carol (Private-)
Jackson, John Bailey (Private-)
Jackson, John Keith (Private-)
Jackson, John Scott (Private-)
Jackson, Joseph Wilson (Private-)
Jackson, Joyce Faye (Private-)
Jackson, Laura Lola (Private-)
Jackson, Nancy Page (Private-)
Jackson, Nannie E. (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Nora (Private-)
Jackson, Paul Wesley (1942-7 FEB 1986)
Jackson, R. H. (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, Sondra (Private-)
Jackson, Sue (-UNKNOWN)
Jackson, William Zachery (5 MAY 1991-5 MAY 1991)
Jaco, James (-UNKNOWN)
Jacob, Dean Morgan (Private-)
Jacob, Lester (Private-)
Jacob, Mashara Lynn (Private-)
Jacobs, Ronald Mark (Private-)
Jacobs, Thomas McKinley (27 APR 1900-2 FEB 1986)
Jacobs, Thomas Owen (Private-)
Jacobs, William Chad (Private-)
Jacobs, William Roy (Private-)
Jacobson, Marie Helen (5 FEB 1909-1 AUG 1981)
James, ?? (Private-)
James, Anne Marie (Private-)
James, Bobby (Private-)
James, Cora Lee (-UNKNOWN)
James, Lillian (19 JUL 1920-22 MAR 1979)
James, Robert Caleb (Private-)
James, Robert Christopher (Private-)
Jarman, Jancy (-UNKNOWN)
Jaroska, Robert (Private-)
Jarrell, Billy Jean (Private-)
Jarrell, Fannie Collins (10 MAR 1860-12 JUN 1933)
Jarrell, Frank (-17 SEP 1982)
Jarrell, Gradon (-18 JUL 1981)
Jarrell, John W. (-UNKNOWN)
Jarrell, William L. "Bill" (28 FEB 1878-4 JAN 1957)
Jayroe, Nathan Edd (17 SEP 1871-20 AUG 1943)
Jeffcoat, Linnie (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Addie Pearl (9 SEP 1905-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Allie B. (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Allie Bea (Private-)
Jenkins, Audrey Belle (Private-)
Jenkins, Carrie Belle (2 JUL 1880-13 JUN 1968)
Jenkins, Chase Douglas (Private-)
Jenkins, Dorothy Dean (24 FEB 1925-22 OCT 1926)
Jenkins, Douglas Wilfred (Private-)
Jenkins, Edna F. (24 JUL 1907-5 AUG 1908)
Jenkins, Enoch (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Ephriam (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, Fallie Elizabeth (6 MAY 1909-12 SEP 1922)
Jenkins, Grace Elaine (Private-)
Jenkins, Jean Helen (Private-)
Jenkins, Lillie Mae (22 NOV 1899-21 JAN 1976)
Jenkins, Myrtle Novella (6 FEB 1901-26 APR 1963)
Jenkins, Nora Lee (Private-)
Jenkins, Patricia (Private-)
Jenkins, Roger (Private-)
Jenkins, Sarah (Private-)
Jenkins, Thomas James (Private-)
Jenkins, William Lloyd (-UNKNOWN)
Jenkins, William N. "Billy" (1935-18 JUL 1987)
Jenkins, William Newton "Willie" (16 JUL 1903-1972)
Jennings, Lillian Lane (Private-)
Jennings, Maggie (-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Newborn (-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Norman Joshua (-UNKNOWN)
Jennings, Peggy (24 FEB 1936-UNKNOWN)
Jenson, Jon Dwayne (Private-)
Jetton, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Jewell, Charles Anderson (Private-)
Jewell, Elizabeth James (Private-)
Jewell, James W. (Private-)
Jiles, Elmer (-30 SEP 1967)
Joanah, (-UNKNOWN)
Johns, Bettie Lester (Private-)
Johns, Betty Jean (Private-)
Johns, Daniel Duane (Private-)
Johns, Douglas Dwayne (Private-)
Johns, Ida Lee (Private-)
Johns, Jason Patrick (Private-)
Johns, John Thomas (Private-)
Johns, Scott Austin (Private-)
Johns, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Johns, William "Will" Boone (12 JUL 1887-3 JUL 1972)
Johns, Jr., William Hascal (Private-)
Johns, William Hascal (16 APR 1916-25 MAR 2001)
Johnson, Clara Belle (Private-)
Johnson, Edith (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Essie (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Ethel (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Eulah Earl (1876-1942)
Johnson, Fallie Mildred (22 JUN 1923-21 MAR 1968)
Johnson, Ginger (Private-)
Johnson, Harriette Triplett (9 MAR 1878-9 MAR 1958)
Johnson, John (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Jordan Jerome (BET 6 JUN 1892 AND 1893-6 DEC 1957)
Johnson, Lavina (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Linda J. (Private-)
Johnson, Margaret Louise (3 AUG 1916-5 AUG 1916)
Johnson, Mary (ABT 1710-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Mary 'Polly' (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Mary Ruth (Private-)
Johnson, Nancy Kay (Private-)
Johnson, Othy Mai (Private-)
Johnson, Perseverance (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Philip Triplett (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Rronnie (Private-)
Johnson, Sam (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Johnson, Scott (Private-)
Johnson, Wilba Louise (Private-)
Johnson, Wilkes (-UNKNOWN)
Johnston, Amy Jo (Private-)
Johnston, Casey Lain (Private-)
Johnston, Chad Jones (Private-)
Johnston, James (-UNKNOWN)
Johnston, III, Joseph C. (Private-)
Johnston, Joseph C. (Private-)
Johnston, Leslie (Private-)
Johnston, Sonny (Private-)
Joines, Mary Carrie (MAR 1867-UNKNOWN)
Jolley, Mary Ola (-UNKNOWN)
Jolliff, Margaret Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, Abraham (-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, Elbert B. (ABT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, Emma (JAN 1870-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, John W. (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, Josephine "Sallie" (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, Lovenia C. (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, Paralee (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, Robert F. (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Jolly, William L. (ABT 1851-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Alpha Gertrude (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Barbara Ann (Private-)
Jones, Barbara Rae (Private-)
Jones, Betty (Private-)
Jones, Billy Ray (Private-)
Jones, Birdie Lee (Private-)
Jones, Charles (Private-)
Jones, Craig (Private-)
Jones, Diane Elaine (-3 MAY 1983)
Jones, E. Burrell (Private-)
Jones, Emma (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Eugene (ABT 1875-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Geneva D. Jones (ABT 1869-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Hatton (Private-)
Jones, Hettie Ethel (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, J. F. (Private-)
Jones, James Granville (Private-)
Jones, James Howard (Private-)
Jones, Jason Scott (Private-)
Jones, Jencie Hayes (Private-)
Jones, Jennifer (Private-)
Jones, Jerry Daniel (Private-)
Jones, Jerry Lynn (Private-)
Jones, Jesse Abner (16 OCT 1896-1 SEP 1963)
Jones, Jesse Lee "Sonny" (Private-)
Jones, Sr., Jessie Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Joel H. (12 JAN 1900-28 JAN 1996)
Jones, John (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, John Clifford (Private-)
Jones, John E. (ABT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Jones, John Jerome (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, John Monroe (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, John Paul (Private-)
Jones, John Robert "Johnny" (Private-)
Jones, John W. (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Kate Lee (-SEP 1985)
Jones, Larry Jay (Private-)
Jones, Lorenzo R. (ABT 1873-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Madorah (ABT 1866-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Mark Douglas (Private-)
Jones, Mary Frances (1860-1940)
Jones, Mary Frances (10 NOV 1854-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Michael (Private-)
Jones, Michael (Private-)
Jones, Patricia Lynn (Private-)
Jones, Patsy Ruth (Private-)
Jones, Peggy Lee (Private-)
Jones, Penelope Gail (Private-)
Jones, Pete (Private-)
Jones, Phillip (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Randy (Private-)
Jones, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Richard B. (14 AUG 1828-27 JAN 1889)
Jones, Richard Wilson (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Robert William (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Ruth F. (Private-)
Jones, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Sarah F. (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Sarah Rose (Private-)
Jones, Sharon Renee (Private-)
Jones, Shirley Ann (Private-)
Jones, Thomas Lee (Private-)
Jones, Tony (Private-)
Jones, Virginia Ann (Private-)
Jones, Wayne (Private-)
Jones, Wendell (Private-)
Jones, Wiley (ABT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Jones, William (-UNKNOWN)
Jones, William A. D. (ABT 1831-UNKNOWN)
Jones, William Earl (Private-)
Jones, William R. (ABT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Jones, Wilson R. (ABT 1877-UNKNOWN)
Joplin, Mildred (Private-)
Jordan, Orphelia Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Josephson, David (Private-)
Josephson, Jenna (Private-)
Josephson, Lee (Private-)
Judkins, Hiram (-UNKNOWN)
Judkins, Lucy Carolyn (2 JUN 1848-8 NOV 1927)
Julin, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
June, (Private-)
Kalos, Peter D. (Private-)
Kalos, Thelma Lee (Private-)
Kane, Dorothy (Private-)
Karnes, Laurie Jeanne (Private-)
Kayler, Donnie (Private-)
Kean, John (-UNKNOWN)
Kean, Wilmer Neal (9 DEC 1886-26 MAR 1960)
Kedney, Jean (Private-)
Keeler, Johnnie Ida (Private-)
Keelin, Reatha Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Keese, Jane Hill (-UNKNOWN)
Keith, Thomas A. (4 FEB 1881-13 OCT 1934)
Keith, Jr., Thomas A. (17 FEB 1908-UNKNOWN)
Keller, Jr., Roy (Private-)
Kelley, James (Private-)
Kellogg, Avery Lee (Private-)
Kelly, Johanna (-UNKNOWN)
Kelly, Pearl (Private-)
Kelly, Robynn (Private-)
Keltner, Susan Ida (-UNKNOWN)
Kelton, Doris Marie (Private-)
Kelton, Travis (-UNKNOWN)
Kelton\Keeton, Marjorie (Private-)
Kemper, Brandi Fagg (Private-)
Kemper, III, James (Private-)
Kemper, Jill (Private-)
Kendall, Brian David (Private-)
Kendall, Sr., Carl Hamilton (-UNKNOWN)
Kendall, Jr., Carl Hamilton (Private-)
Kendall, Cecilia Briann (Private-)
Kendall, Chad Daniel (Private-)
Kendall, Gregory Allen (Private-)
Kendall, James David (Private-)
Kendall, Karyn Renee (Private-)
Kendall, Vicki Iris (Private-)
Kenner, Jr., Ernest (Private-)
Kerr, Amy Delene (Private-)
Kerr, Brenda Lois (Private-)
Kerr, Ivan Crogham (Private-)
Kerr, James Ivan (12 MAR 1962-8 SEP 1967)
Kerr, Jamie Ruth (Private-)
Killion, Alva (-UNKNOWN)
Killion, David Leo (Private-)
Killion, Karen Su (Private-)
Killion, Leo (17 AUG 1903-UNKNOWN)
Killion, Margaret Jill (Private-)
Killion, Wavie Jerome (Private-)
Killough, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
King, ?? (-UNKNOWN)
King, Albert Loyd (Private-)
King, Brenda Sydelle (Private-)
King, Caroline Ava (9 JAN 1905-22 JAN 1958)
King, Charles Michael (-UNKNOWN)
King, Clarence Deward (7 OCT 1905-2 FEB 1970)
King, J. M. (-UNKNOWN)
King, Jacqueline Lee (Private-)
King, James William (19 NOV 1883-1938)
King, James William (9 FEB 1919-6 JUL 1926)
King, John B. (-UNKNOWN)
King, Sr., John Herman (13 MAR 1916-18 MAR 1983)
King, Kathleen Bryanne (Private-)
King, Laura Vivian (Private-)
King, Marguerite Mary (Private-)
King, Martha Jean (Private-)
King, Mickey Lee (Private-)
King, Ricky Don (Private-)
King, Robert Lee (20 DEC 1917-5 JUN 1980)
King, Romney Lee (9 JAN 1917-30 JAN 1917)
King, Selma Willodene (15 OCT 1931-18 SEP 1954)
King, Sibyl Marie (Private-)
King, Thomas Green (-UNKNOWN)
King, William Guill (Private-)
King, Zelma Watholene (Private-)
Kingston, Billy Gene (Private-)
Kingston, Bobby Lee (Private-)
Kingston, Clyde (-UNKNOWN)
Kingston, David Alan (Private-)
Kingston, George Douglas (Private-)
Kingston, Oscar Bob (-UNKNOWN)
Kingston, Richard Keith (Private-)
Kinle, Mary (Private-)
Kirby, ? (Private-)
Kirby, Joe (-UNKNOWN)
Kirkham, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Kirkpatrick, Rachel Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Kirsh, Paula K. (Private-)
Kisac, Miachel Ray (Private-)
Kisac, Michael Steven (Private-)
Kisac, Misty Lynn (Private-)
Klemmer, ? (Private-)
Klingman, Menlo (Private-)
Knickerbocker, Margie (Private-)
Knight, Emma Wilson (Private-)
Knight, Green Asbury (25 FEB 1825-AFT 1886)
Knight, Harvey Glide (1904-1955)
Knight, James (13 FEB 1797-1880)
Knight, James Harvey (JUN 1875-1969)
Knight, John B. (-UNKNOWN)
Knight, Mamie D. (-UNKNOWN)
Knight, Martha Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Knight, William Herman (JAN 1896-UNKNOWN)
Knight, William James (-UNKNOWN)
Knobel, Andrew Porter (13 FEB 1876-22 FEB 1959)
Knobel, Billie Ann (Private-)
Knobel, Doris (Private-)
Knobel, Eva (Private-)
Knobel, Eva (Private-)
Knobel, Fred (Private-)
Knobel, Helen Sue (Private-)
Knobel, Infant Son (-UNKNOWN)
Knobel, James Luther (Private-)
Knobel, Jr., James Luther (Private-)
Knobel, James Turner (22 JUN 1885-17 MAR 1923)
Knobel, Jamie (Private-)
Knobel, Joe (Private-)
Knobel, Linda (Private-)
Knobel, Mary Josephine (11 NOV 1906-ABT 1918)
Knobel, Porter R. (Private-)
Knobel, Prudie Marie (Private-)
Knobel, Robert Wesley (Private-)
Knobel, Jr., William (Private-)
Knobel, William (16 AUG 1902-1968)
Knobel, William Esaias "Ike" (1850-UNKNOWN)
Knobel, William Turner (Private-)
Knowles, Edward Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Knowles, Lester (Private-)
Knowles, Linda Fay (Private-)
Knowles, Mary Gay (Private-)
Knowles, Thomas Ewing (8 JAN 1915-22 JAN 1990)
Knowles, Tommy (Private-)
Knox, Earnest Oliver (-UNKNOWN)
Knox, Velma Lorene (20 FEB 1904-14 NOV 1969)
Kobb, Frances Evelyn (Private-)
Koerth, Rosemary (Private-)
Koerth, William Bill (-UNKNOWN)
Kogel, Howard (Private-)
Kohner, Beverly (Private-)
Kolbe, Betty Jo (Private-)
Kolbe, Hugh G. (30 MAR 1903-UNKNOWN)
Kolbe, John Wesley (-UNKNOWN)
Kolbe, Susie Myrtle (Private-)
Korenek, Joy Ilynn (Private-)
Korenek, Raymond Paul (-UNKNOWN)
Korieth, Janet Marie Ilbery (Private-)
Koss, Lois Trula (-UNKNOWN)
Kosten, Sam (-10 SEP 1988)
Koval, Millie (-UNKNOWN)
Krista, (Private-)
Kubvukke, ? (Private-)
Kuykendall, Chris (Private-)
LaHue, Dennis Robert (Private-)
LaHue, Rebecca (Private-)
LaHue, Robby (Private-)
LaHue, Robert E. (-30 NOV 1985)
LaNieve, Jr., Herman Leslie (Private-)
LaNieve, Herman Leslie (-UNKNOWN)
LaNieve, Virginia (Private-)
Lachuga, Serephina (Private-)
Lain, Abner C. (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Lain, America "Merky" (18 JUN 1867-UNKNOWN)
Lain, Arsa Ann (ABT 1861-UNKNOWN)
Lain, Augustus (1780-UNKNOWN)
Lain, Christopher (-UNKNOWN)
Lain, Christopher Wilson "Wils" (29 MAR 1874-2 JUN 1909)
Lain, David M. (-UNKNOWN)
Lain, Grace Wilson (27 JUN 1903-UNKNOWN)
Lain, Hattie Frances (10 SEP 1894-21 NOV 1968)
Lain, James Ernest (1 JUL 1900-26 AUG 1918)
Lain, James H. (1839-1900)
Lain, Jephthah "Jep" (1872-1947)
Lain, John Thornton (8 AUG 1879-9 MAY 1964)
Lain, Johnnie (31 OCT 1912-25 NOV 1950)
Lain, Lura Allie Bee (28 FEB 1873-20 MAR 1962)
Lain, M. E. (Private-)
Lain, Margart L. (ABT 1866-MAR 1909)
Lain, Martha Susan "Susie" (1869-UNKNOWN)
Lain, Mary (1810-UNKNOWN)
Lain, Matthias Andrew "Bud" (9 JAN 1847-4 MAY 1916)
Lain, Newrainy (-UNKNOWN)
Lain, Sarah Ann (1818-3 JUN 1911)
Lain, Vera Shannon (Private-)
Laine, Amanda (-UNKNOWN)
Laine, Bernie James (Private-)
Laine, Randy Gill (Private-)
Laine, Ronnie James (Private-)
Lamb, Eva Gale (-UNKNOWN)
Lamb, Gary (Private-)
Landers, Knox (-UNKNOWN)
Landrum, Bernard Langston (17 FEB 1912-6 JUL 1991)
Landrum, James Claude (-UNKNOWN)
Landrum, James Raymond "Jim" (1 AUG 1943-19 JAN 1995)
Lane, Bascomb (-UNKNOWN)
Lane, James (Private-)
Lane, James Allen "Jim" (-UNKNOWN)
Lane, Jeanne (Private-)
Lane, John (-UNKNOWN)
Lane, Leslie (-UNKNOWN)
Lane, Martha Elizabeth (21 AUG 1851-8 FEB 1937)
Lane, Mary E. (-UNKNOWN)
Lane, Minnie (-UNKNOWN)
Lane, Richard (Private-)
Lanier, Mary Christine (Private-)
Lanius, Ada (DEC 1870-UNKNOWN)
Lanius, Addie Pearl (-UNKNOWN)
Lannok, Becky (Private-)
Lannok, J. E. (Private-)
Lannok, Jr., Joe E. (Private-)
Lannok, Martha Ruth (Private-)
Lannok, Teresa (Private-)
Lannon, Edith Frances (Private-)
Lari, (Private-)
Lasater, Amy (Private-)
Lasater, Benton Goldston (16 JUL 1906-28 MAR 1987)
Lasater, Bertha Irene (Private-)
Lasater, Bradford Lee (Private-)
Lasater, Byron Goldston (Private-)
Lasater, Charles Ephraim (1880-1916)
Lasater, Charles Thorton (27 JAN 1923-27 FEB 1924)
Lasater, Cory Scott (Private-)
Lasater, Doug (Private-)
Lasater, Edward Winter (Private-)
Lasater, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Lasater, Ennis Lillard (19 NOV 1904-31 MAR 1991)
Lasater, Ernest Lillard (Private-)
Lasater, Euphrasha E. (-UNKNOWN)
Lasater, Frances Marie (Private-)
Lasater, Harmon Allen (24 MAR 1927-1977)
Lasater, Heidi (Private-)
Lasater, Hugh Benton (Private-)
Lasater, Jesse Lawton (17 JAN 1909-UNKNOWN)
Lasater, Joe Robert (7 DEC 1931-29 JUN 1973)
Lasater, John Barry (Private-)
Lasater, John Brent (Private-)
Lasater, John Lillard (5 APR 1878-29 JAN 1962)
Lasater, Kirk (Private-)
Lasater, Larnie (Private-)
Lasater, Lisa Gayle (Private-)
Lasater, Mary Elizabeth (17 AUG 1910-17 AUG 1910)
Lasater, Raymond Allen (Private-)
Lasater, Sarah Armenda "Mindy" (8 OCT 1858-7 DEC 1947)
Lasater, Thomas Harrison (-UNKNOWN)
Laster, Allie Loften (-UNKNOWN)
Laster, Charlene (Private-)
Laster, Chrisine (Private-)
Laster, Corrine (Private-)
Laster, Lillian (Private-)
Laster, Ray (Private-)
Laster, Ruby Helen (Private-)
Laster, Wilson (Private-)
Lauda, Constance (Private-)
Launikitis, Ann (Private-)
Lavender, Nancy (Private-)
Lawrence, Hart (-UNKNOWN)
Laws, Ben A. (Private-)
Laycook, Josephus (-UNKNOWN)
Laycook, Mary Frances (-UNKNOWN)
Layman, Charles Allen (-UNKNOWN)
Layne, Eugene Owen (Private-)
Layne, James David "Jim" (2 JUN 1876-17 JUL 1947)
Layne, Jimmy Clayton (Private-)
Layne, R. S. (-UNKNOWN)
Layne, Robbie Elizabeth (Private-)
Layne, Roberta Lee (20 AUG 1904-UNKNOWN)
LeFevor, George William (Private-)
LeFevor, George William (Private-)
LeGrand, Leslie Ann (Private-)
Lea, Edward (Private-)
Lea, Frank Cheatum (AUG 1869-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Frank G. (1892-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Fred (Private-)
Lea, Harry (1899-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Jr., Harry (Private-)
Lea, Helen (Private-)
Lea, Henry Harrison (BET 1879 AND 1880-UNKNOWN)
Lea, J. T. (-UNKNOWN)
Lea, James R. (NOV 1866-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Jennie (1896-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Margaret (Private-)
Lea, Mary Jane (ABT 1872-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Ransie (DEC 1882-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Ruth (Private-)
Lea, Thomas Clair (Private-)
Lea, Thomas J. (ABT 1837-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Tilden Jackson "Jack" (FEB 1877-UNKNOWN)
Lea, Walter (JUN 1899-UNKNOWN)
Lea, William H. (-UNKNOWN)
Lea, William T. (FEB 1868-UNKNOWN)
Leach, Christopher Wayne (Private-)
Leach, Leona Joyce (Private-)
Leach, Melissa Ann (Private-)
Leach, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Leach, Victor Thomas (Private-)
Leach, Victor Wayne (Private-)
Leaver, Arnold Eugene (Private-)
Leaver, Christopher Trent (Private-)
Leaver, Stacey Michele (Private-)
Ledbetter, Corey James (Private-)
Ledbetter, James Douglas (Private-)
Ledbetter, Lorie Bell (Private-)
Lee, Belle (-UNKNOWN)
Lee, Della (-UNKNOWN)
Lee, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Lee, Ishmael Loren (-UNKNOWN)
Lee, Lottie (-UNKNOWN)
Lee, Sandra Patricia (Private-)
Leeman, Malie D (1 JUN 1873-9 FEB 1896)
Lela, (Private-)
Lella, Tony (Private-)
Lemmons, Louisa Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Lemons, James Arden (8 MAY 1819-2 FEB 1890)
Lemons, John (-UNKNOWN)
Lemons, Martha Jane (ABT 1853-27 NOV 1896)
Lenning, Lillian Pauline (Private-)
Lenord, Melba (Private-)
Lenox, Margaret Ann (15 OCT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Leonard, Jennifer (Private-)
Leonard, III, John Haskell (Private-)
Leonard, Johnnie (Private-)
Leonard, Susan E. (8 APR 1847-1921)
Leopold, Jules (-UNKNOWN)
Lesley, Susan (Private-)
Lester, Alfred Ross (18 DEC 1893-14 NOV 1971)
Lester, Alice Estelle (2 DEC 1894-16 MAY 1962)
Lester, Alice Marie (Private-)
Lester, Bailie Peyton (17 SEP 1857-5 JAN 1922)
Lester, Charles (6 OCT 1892-3 AUG 1951)
Lester, Cynthia Gail (Private-)
Lester, Douglas Ray (Private-)
Lester, Edna Mai (Private-)
Lester, Edward Vaughn (Private-)
Lester, Emily Caldwell (Private-)
Lester, Ephraim Harrison (11 NOV 1861-23 JUN 1940)
Lester, Eric Douglas (Private-)
Lester, Frank McGuire (29 OCT 1901-UNKNOWN)
Lester, George Herbert (18 SEP 1901-UNKNOWN)
Lester, Georgia Clemmons (3 APR 1890-9 FEB 1956)
Lester, Gerald Wood (Private-)
Lester, Harrison (-UNKNOWN)
Lester, Henry Douglas (25 OCT 1910-17 JAN 1998)
Lester, Hester Ann (10 OCT 1849-21 JUL 1850)
Lester, Infant 2 (12 JUN 1940-12 JUN 1940)
Lester, Infant I (16 MAR 1931-16 MAR 1931)
Lester, James (6 FEB 1856-20 OCT 1856)
Lester, James (3 APR 1823-18 JAN 1899)
Lester, James Calvin (29 MAR 1902-18 JUN 1990)
Lester, James Creason (Private-)
Lester, James Creason (22 JUN 1939-23 JUN 1939)
Lester, James Dunn (16 JUL 1891-27 MAR 1966)
Lester, Janet Ann (Private-)
Lester, Jannetta Clemmons (30 OCT 1892-15 AUG 1927)
Lester, Jeffrey Scott (Private-)
Lester, Jessie Mary (Private-)
Lester, John Clemmons (6 MAR 1866-26 OCT 1917)
Lester, Joseph Calvin (Private-)
Lester, Josephine (3 NOV 1899-22 AUG 1916)
Lester, Julia F. (8 JAN 1864-10 MAR 1921)
Lester, Lanier Davis (Private-)
Lester, Lloyd Lanier (24 SEP 1930-1 DEC 1990)
Lester, Lorie Marie (Private-)
Lester, Mark Lee (15 JUN 1961-17 JUN 1961)
Lester, Martha C. (23 AUG 1859-23 DEC 1918)
Lester, Mary S. (Private-)
Lester, Obediah "Obie" Winfield (28 AUG 1913-18 DEC 1983)
Lester, Patricia Joyce (Private-)
Lester, Paul Munde (17 APR 1899-12 JAN 1966)
Lester, Presley (-UNKNOWN)
Lester, Presley (NOV 1868-6 JUN 1945)
Lester, Presley S. (21 FEB 1854-15 OCT 1856)
Lester, Ray Douglas (Private-)
Lester, IV, Robert Alfred (Private-)
Lester, Jr., Robert Alfred (Private-)
Lester, III, Robert Alfred (Private-)
Lester, Robert Alfred (5 FEB 1908-BEF 2000)
Lester, Jr., Sampson Dewey (13 OCT 1926-26 FEB 1999)
Lester, Sr., Sampson Dewey (10 MAR 1898-19 JAN 1955)
Lester, Sarah A. (-UNKNOWN)
Lester, Sarah Elizabeth (14 JAN 1896-UNKNOWN)
Lester, Sarah M. (4 JAN 1852-UNKNOWN)
Lester, Steven Allen (Private-)
Lester, Terry Wilder (Private-)
Lester, Thomas Edwin (Private-)
Lester, Thomas Porter (-UNKNOWN)
Lester, Timothy Kelse (Private-)
Lester, Todd Lanier (Private-)
Lester, Tolbert Fanning (15 JUL 1896-30 JUN 1933)
Lester, Vaugh Elwood (Private-)
Lester, Virginia Gail (19 MAR 1937-22 MAR 1937)
Lester, William A. (29 JAN 1849-17 NOV 1902)
Lester, William Ezra (5 NOV 1890-20 NOV 1961)
Lewis, Linda Jane (Private-)
Lewis, Margaret Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Licata, V. A. (Private-)
Licata, V. J. (Private-)
Ligon, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Lillis, Donald Vincent (Private-)
Lillis, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Lillis, Joseph Leslie (Private-)
Lillis, Steven Troy (Private-)
Lillis, Thomas Patrick (Private-)
Lillis, Timothy Patrick (Private-)
Lillis, Tracy Lea (Private-)
Linder, Betty Y. (Private-)
Linder, Eunice Genee (8 MAY 1920-18 APR 1997)
Linder, Irene Luril (30 MAY 1918-24 AUG 1999)
Linder, Jeraline Adelia (18 DEC 1922-18 DEC 1995)
Linder, Jessie (-UNKNOWN)
Lindrothe, Ruth Ann (Private-)
Link, Jerry (Private-)
Link, Megan (Private-)
Link, Michelle (Private-)
Lipe, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Lipe, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Lipscome, Sarah Jane (-1908)
Little, Chessie (-UNKNOWN)
Little, John (ABT 1806-UNKNOWN)
Llewellyn, James Calvin (Private-)
Llewellyn, Jean Elizabeth (Private-)
Lloyd, Foster F. (-UNKNOWN)
Lloyd, Louella (-UNKNOWN)
Locke, Claudia Jane (Private-)
Locke, John Arnold (Private-)
Locke, John Rudolph (Private-)
Locke, Joseph Jessie (-UNKNOWN)
Locke, Judson Preston (Private-)
Lockheart, John H. (-UNKNOWN)
Lockridge, Clara Mae (22 JUN 1897-UNKNOWN)
Lockridge, John Newton (-UNKNOWN)
Lofton, Eldridge Gould (ABT 1910-10 APR 1967)
Lois, (Private-)
Lois, Rhoda (-UNKNOWN)
Long, Jayne Marie (Private-)
Long, Kathy Jo (Private-)
Long, Letha Jean (Private-)
Long, Robbie Kay (Private-)
Long, Robert Kirk (Private-)
Long, Sharon Ann (Private-)
Loosley, Chlothilde Ida (-UNKNOWN)
Lopez, Marion (Private-)
Lopez, William J. (Private-)
Loucks, Helen Maxine (Private-)
Louisa, (-UNKNOWN)
Love, Leanna Frances (Private-)
Lovelace, Gertrude Mildred (3 SEP 1906-6 NOV 1987)
Lovelace, William Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Lovell, Albert (-UNKNOWN)
Lovell, Carolyn Mae (Private-)
Lovell, Eula F. (Private-)
Lovell, John B. (12 FEB 1910-21 JUN 1974)
Lovell, Oscar (-UNKNOWN)
Lovett, Kimberly (Private-)
Lowe, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Lowe, Earline (Private-)
Lowery, Angelina B. (27 OCT 1841-8 AUG 1912)
Lowery, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Lowrance, Alvin Lee (Private-)
Lowrance, Cathy Leigh (Private-)
Lowrance, Harold Martin (Private-)
Lowrance, Johnny Clifford (Private-)
Lowrance, Karen Lynn (Private-)
Lowrance, Linda Marie (Private-)
Lowrance, Scott Lee (Private-)
Lowrance, Unknown 1st Wife of ML (Private-)
Lox, Mary Lee (Private-)
Lucas, Geroge Miller (8 JUL 1845-23 FEB 1934)
Lucinda, (12 JAN 1855-7 DEC 1946)
Luck, John Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Luck, Laura Lois (Private-)
Ludwig, Annette Louise (Private-)
Ludwig, Charles (Private-)
Luedeker, Betty Jean (Private-)
Luessenheide, D. L. (Private-)
Lugenheison, Rosa (-UNKNOWN)
Lumpkins, Rosa Lee (Private-)
Lunsford, Hazel Ruth (Private-)
Lunsford, John Robert (-4 OCT 1983)
Lunsford, Raymond Earl (Private-)
Lunsford, Rebecca Patsy (Private-)
Lunsford, Rhonda (Private-)
Lunsford, Robert Leo (Private-)
Lusardi, Wendy (Private-)
Luther, Betty Joyce (Private-)
Luther, Bobby (Private-)
Luther, Granville (Private-)
Luther, Noel L. (-UNKNOWN)
Luzader, Tom C. (Private-)
Lynch, Annie Lizzie (Private-)
Lynn, Kate (-UNKNOWN)
Lyon, David Alan (Private-)
M., Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Mabe, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Mabe, Mary Sue J. (Private-)
Macun, Donnell Haygood (Private-)
Maddux, Janet (Private-)
Magnetta, Floyd (Private-)
Mahla, Kenzie Suzanne (Private-)
Mahla, Philip Jerome (Private-)
Mahla, Rusin Jerome (Private-)
Major, Leonard T. (NOV 1879-1955)
Major, S. T. (1856-UNKNOWN)
Malone, Johnnie (-UNKNOWN)
Malone, Robert William (Private-)
Maloney, Dorothy (-UNKNOWN)
Mangrum, William Wiley (-UNKNOWN)
Mannanhan, William (20 APR 1864-20 FEB 1932)
Mansfield, Donald (Private-)
Marcum, George Stacy (Private-)
Marcum, Oscar Wayne (Private-)
Margile, Zaddie Ara (-UNKNOWN)
Margraves, Billie Jo (Private-)
Margraves, Bryant D. (20 FEB 1901-23 MAY 1978)
Margraves, Jr., Bryant D. (Private-)
Margraves, Edna Earle (31 DEC 1919-24 MAR 2002)
Margraves, James Robert (Private-)
Marks, Elizabeth (16 MAR 1812-UNKNOWN)
Marks, James (BEF 1810-UNKNOWN)
Marks, Male (BET 1810 AND 1815-UNKNOWN)
Marks, Male #2 (BET 1820 AND 1850-UNKNOWN)
Marks, Thomas (1790-BEF 6 JUN 1834)
Marler, George Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Marler, Marilyn Christine (15 APR 1923-15 JUL 2003)
Marquis, Anita (Private-)
Marquis, Ernestine (Private-)
Marquis, J. T. (Private-)
Marquis, James Milton (Private-)
Marquis, Jean (Private-)
Marquis, Judy (Private-)
Marquis, Terrell Eugene (Private-)
Marr, Elizabeth Hall (Private-)
Marrs, Alice (Private-)
Marrs, Dee (-UNKNOWN)
Marrs, Foster (NOV 1892-UNKNOWN)
Marrs, J. H. (27 JAN 1866-19 JAN 1925)
Marrs, Maud (13 MAR 1894-29 JAN 1983)
Marrs, Robert W. (27 DEC 1889-14 OCT 1949)
Marshall, Jane (11 JUN 1807-24 AUG 1878)
Marshall, Joseph Thomas (Private-)
Martin, Amanda (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Amanda (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Carol Jean (Private-)
Martin, Carrie (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Charles Ray (Private-)
Martin, D. T. (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Dick (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Elsie (7 MAY 1878-23 OCT 1970)
Martin, Jr., George (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, James Linsley (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Linda Stewart (Private-)
Martin, Louise (-7 FEB 1995)
Martin, Mary Opal (5 JAN 1884-29 MAY 1975)
Martin, Matthew Aaron (Private-)
Martin, Serena (-UNKNOWN)
Martin, Virginia (-UNKNOWN)
Mary, (Private-)
Mary, (-UNKNOWN)
Masinii, Kelley Robinson (Private-)
Masinii, Kevin R. (Private-)
Masinii, Michael Sean (Private-)
Mason, Billie Joice (Private-)
Mason, Leoni (-UNKNOWN)
Mason, Lloyd (Private-)
Masound\Masoud, Al (15 JUN 1904-11 AUG 1955)
Masound\Masoud, Almarie (Private-)
Masound\Masoud, Ronnie Jechen (30 DEC 1939-3 AUG 1973)
Massey, Abraham A. "Abram" (ABT 1830-OCT 1856)
Massey, Albert Henry Harrison (FEB 1857-FEB 1917)
Massey, Albert Thomas (Private-)
Massey, Allie Lee (Private-)
Massey, Alvin Eugene (Private-)
Massey, Betty (Private-)
Massey, Claude (27 DEC 1897-UNKNOWN)
Massey, Cole Y. (7 JAN 1904-15 JUL 1985)
Massey, Dorothy Jane (Private-)
Massey, Eli (-UNKNOWN)
Massey, Etheldred Pearce (DEC 1855-UNKNOWN)
Massey, Eva Brown (1 MAR 1885-9 DEC 1885)
Massey, Finas (AUG 1896-UNKNOWN)
Massey, George Albert (Private-)
Massey, Hester (1902-UNKNOWN)
Massey, Homer C. (3 MAR 1881-30 NOV 1926)
Massey, Howard Ray (Private-)
Massey, Julia (Private-)
Massey, Kenneth Albert (Private-)
Massey, Lewis Parker (Private-)
Massey, Linda Diane (Private-)
Massey, Marcus Odel (24 DEC 1887-13 MAR 1943)
Massey, Marus Albert (Private-)
Massey, Nancy Boone (Private-)
Massey, Oakley (JUN 1894-UNKNOWN)
Massey, Peggy Jeanette (Private-)
Massey, Sandra Faye (Private-)
Massey, Susan Mattie (Private-)
Massey, Walter (9 FEB 1890-19 JUN 1890)
Massey, Wanda Gail (Private-)
Massey, Willa May (15 SEP 1891-13 JAN 1893)
Massey, William Clyde (Private-)
Massey, William M. (-UNKNOWN)
Massey, Jr., William Otis (Private-)
Massey, William Otis "Bill" (28 JAN 1894-1963)
Matheny, Beulah (16 JUN 1907-5 MAY 1965)
Matheny, David Arthur (Private-)
Matheny, Donita Marie (Private-)
Matheny, Freda (27 MAY 1909-10 AUG 1910)
Matheny, Gordon Hosick (Private-)
Matheny, Harry Paul (Private-)
Matheny, Joseph Frank (Private-)
Matheny, Joseph Frank (21 MAY 1884-UNKNOWN)
Matheny, Joseph Henry (Private-)
Matheny, Joyce Ann (Private-)
Matheny, Leta (17 APR 1915-21 JUL 1915)
Matheny, Marie (6 APR 1906-26 JUN 1906)
Matheny, Merle Romaine (Private-)
Matheny, Patricia Kay (Private-)
Matheny, Sandra Carol (Private-)
Matheny, Timothy L. (Private-)
Matheny, Utha Pauline (Private-)
Mathes, Benjamin Mathes (-UNKNOWN)
Mathes, Bettie (-UNKNOWN)
Mathes, Harriet (-UNKNOWN)
Mathes, James Harrison (-UNKNOWN)
Mathes, James Harrison (-UNKNOWN)
Mathes, James Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Mathes, Nancy "Nannie" (2 MAR 1872-1947)
Mathews, William H. (Private-)
Mathis, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Matlock, Bob (Private-)
Matlock, Roy Charles (Private-)
Mattlage, Bill (-UNKNOWN)
Mattlage, Charles (18 MAR 1932-15 JUL 2002)
Mattlage, Charlsie (Private-)
Mattlage, Kevin (Private-)
Mattlage, Randy (Private-)
Mauie, Loval (-UNKNOWN)
Maxfield, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Maxfield, Delia (7 OCT 1888-26 JUN 1970)
Maxwell, Jefferson David (-UNKNOWN)
Maxwell, Myrtle Louise (Private-)
May, Jessie Guill (Private-)
May, Joe Davis (-UNKNOWN)
Mayer, ?? (Private-)
Mayer, Albert L. (-UNKNOWN)
Mayer, Katheren Berniece (Private-)
Mayers, Laura Kathreen (11 OCT 1903-7 FEB 1988)
Mayers, Philip John (-UNKNOWN)
Mayes, Callie Anne (-UNKNOWN)
Mayes, Claudia Mae (-28 AUG 1981)
Mayfield, Carolyn (Private-)
Maynard, Billie Joe (Private-)
Maynard, Clertha (-UNKNOWN)
Mayo, Billie Carroll (Private-)
Mayo, Jerry Gene (Private-)
Mayo, Marcus Edwin (-UNKNOWN)
Mays, John Jackson (-UNKNOWN)
Mays, Oneida Virginia (Private-)
McAdams, Donald Coy (Private-)
McAdams, Viola (11 AUG 1915-12 JAN 1997)
McAdoo, Gene Clemmons (Private-)
McAdoo, James Houston (Private-)
McAdoo, Lewis Harrison (-UNKNOWN)
McAdoo, Robert William (Private-)
McAllister, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
McBride, Kathryn Dianne (Private-)
McBride, William Christopher (Private-)
McBride, William M. (Private-)
McBride, Jr., William M. "Mickey" (Private-)
McCaffrey, Mada (Private-)
McCallister, Larner (-UNKNOWN)
McCallister, Nancy Volina (16 FEB 1888-15 MAY 1931)
McCallum, Malcolm Campbell (-UNKNOWN)
McCallum, Thomas Rutland (Private-)
McCann, Lona (Private-)
McCartney, Emma (18 MAY 1868-27 MAR 1915)
McCartney, Ettie Catherine (3 JUL 1886-22 MAR 1956)
McCartney, Mary Beulah (14 MAR 1882-27 AUG 1972)
McCartney, S. W. (-UNKNOWN)
McCartney, Thweat Harrison (-UNKNOWN)
McCartney, William D. (-UNKNOWN)
McCartney, William S. "Bill" (FEB 1845-UNKNOWN)
McCarty, Leona (Private-)
McClain, Charles Thompson (Private-)
McClain, Dee (-UNKNOWN)
McClain, Ella Winter (1893-1928)
McClain, James Thomas (Private-)
McClain, Jane Gold (Private-)
McClain, John N. (Private-)
McClanahan, Esther (Private-)
McClelan, Louisa (4 JUL 1851-UNKNOWN)
McClelland, Gus (-UNKNOWN)
McClinton, Maria Elaine (Private-)
McClure, David John (-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Elizabeth (ABT 1812-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Jospeh Patrick (McHugo) (Private-)
McClure, Patricia (-UNKNOWN)
McClure, Susan (-UNKNOWN)
McCollough, Anna Jeffries (Private-)
McCollough, Thomas Andrew (Private-)
McCollough, III, Thomas Jackson (Private-)
McCollough, William Jackson (Private-)
McConathy, Doris Elaine (Private-)
McConathy, Judy Rhea (Private-)
McConathy, Mary Elizabeth (Private-)
McConathy, Oscar Boyce (Private-)
McConathy, Rebecca Helen (Private-)
McConathy, Serena Kay (Private-)
McCord, Edward Lee (Private-)
McCord, Ida Ruth (Private-)
McCorkle, James William (Private-)
McCoy, Allie (-UNKNOWN)
McCracken, Tracy Lynn (Private-)
McCulley, Everette Eldon (Private-)
McCulley, James Otis (-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, Archie (Private-)
McDaniel, Bessie (Private-)
McDaniel, Carrie (Private-)
McDaniel, Dora (Private-)
McDaniel, Edith Lyle (-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, Etta Mae (Private-)
McDaniel, James Robert (Private-)
McDaniel, Marion Eli "Doc" (-UNKNOWN)
McDaniel, Ruth Thelda (Private-)
McDaniel, Thomas (Private-)
McDaniel, William (Private-)
McDaniels, Carolyn Sue (Private-)
McDonald, Louis B. (Private-)
McDonough, Sharon (Private-)
McEvoy, Diane Marie (Private-)
McFall, Sharah (-UNKNOWN)
McFarland, Gladys Louise (Private-)
McFarland, Matilda Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
McGaha, Bernadine Hill (Private-)
McGarrah, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
McGee, Jr., Alexander S. (-AUG 1986)
McGee, Alexis Shawn (27 NOV 1974-AUG 1986)
McGee, Erma Virginia (Private-)
McGee, Janie Lee (Private-)
McGuire, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
McGuire, Nancy Lucinda "Lula" (JAN 1869-23 NOV 1945)

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