Family Tree Names

Cleveland, Arthur Clyde (9 MAY 1932-12 MAR 1959)
Cleveland, Betty Mae (Private-)
Cleveland, Billy Gene (Private-)
Cleveland, Eugene L. (-UNKNOWN)
Cleveland, James Ray (Private-)
Cleveland, Margaret Joyce (8 NOV 1935-24 APR 1956)
Cleveland, Olivia Ernestine (Private-)
Cleveland, Paul Edwin (Private-)
Cleveland, Robert Wayne (Private-)
Cleveland, Ruby Katherine (Private-)
Cleveland, Willet Maurice (Private-)
Clift, Bobby (Private-)
Clift, Carissa Nicole (Private-)
Clift, Nicholas (Private-)
Clifton, Mary Alice (5 SEP 1896-7 DEC 1971)
Clifton, William (-UNKNOWN)
Cluck, Eugene Bryan (Private-)
Cluck, Jr., Frederick Burton (Private-)
Cluck, Frederick E. (-UNKNOWN)
Cluck, Helen (-UNKNOWN)
Cluck, John Morgan (-UNKNOWN)
Cluck, Othelda (Private-)
Cluck, Susie (-UNKNOWN)
Cluck, Thomas B (Private-)
Coale, Craig (Private-)
Coale, Harrison Lee (Private-)
Cock, Sally Wade (-UNKNOWN)
Cockrum, Ernest (Private-)
Coe, Elizabeth (ABT 1822-UNKNOWN)
Coe, Isaiah (-UNKNOWN)
Cofer\Coffer, Ruth (Private-)
Coffee, Joyce (Private-)
Coffman, Nancy Naomi (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Ann Coggin (ABT 1712-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Betsy (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Betsy (ABT 1742-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Burrel (2 MAR 1768-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Caty (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Elijah (ABT 1813-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Elizabeth (ABT 1715-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Elizabeth Coggin (ABT 1786-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Frances (ABT 1687-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, George Sweet (ABT 1750-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, James (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, James (ABT 1800-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Jr., James (ABT 1775-ABT 1813)
Coggin, James (ABT 1736-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Jeremiah (ABT 1774-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Jr., John (BET 1643 AND 1648-1702)
Coggin, John (ABT 1785-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Jr., John (ABT 1745-ABT 1790)
Coggin, John (23 JUL 1778-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, John (BET 1715 AND 1720-26 JAN 1793)
Coggin, John (ABT 1741-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, John (ABT 1707-11 JAN 1781)
Coggin, John (ABT 1744-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, John (ABT 1620-ABT 1698)
Coggin, Jonathan (ABT 1780-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Jordan (ABT 1776-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Joshua (27 FEB 1766-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Joshua (ABT 1734-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Judy (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Lewis (ABT 1739-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Male (ABT 1681-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Martha (1753-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Martin (ABT 1808-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Mary (ABT 1779-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Matthew (ABT 1750-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Nancy Ann (ABT 1748-1850)
Coggin, Patience (ABT 1755-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Patsy (ABT 1799-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Polly (ABT 1791-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Prudence (ABT 1777-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Rebecca (ABT 1802-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Rebecca (BET 1658 AND 1660-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Robert (ABT 1685-ABT 1737)
Coggin, Robert (ABT 1807-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Jr., Robert (ABT 1774-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Jr., Robert (ABT 1709-7 JUN 1785)
Coggin, Robert (ABT 1745-AFT 1840)
Coggin, Sally (ABT 1810-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Sally (ABT 1737-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Sarah (ABT 1777-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Sarah (ABT 1783-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Sarah (24 FEB 1764-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Sarah (ABT 1717-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Simon Riley (7 MAY 1762-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Surania (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Susanna (ABT 1689-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Suzanna (28 APR 1770-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, William (ABT 1771-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, William (ABT 1758-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, William (ABT 1746-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, William (ABT 1683-ABT 1728)
Coggin, Willis (ABT 1805-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Zachariah (-UNKNOWN)
Coggin, Zachariah (17 MAY 1772-UNKNOWN)
Coggins, Eli (-UNKNOWN)
Cohorn, Grace (Private-)
Coke, Carey C (-UNKNOWN)
Coke, William Donald (10 JUN 1908-29 OCT 1972)
Coker, Janice (Private-)
Colby, Craig (Private-)
Colby, David (Private-)
Colby, Jim (Private-)
Colby, Julie (Private-)
Colby, Laura (Private-)
Colby, Lisa (Private-)
Cole, Annie (-UNKNOWN)
Cole, Mary A. (4 OCT 1860-23 FEB 1951)
Cole, Roxie Melvin (-UNKNOWN)
Coleman, A. W. (Private-)
Coleman, Elizabeth Nell "Lisa" (Private-)
Coleman, Grace Lee (Private-)
Coleman, Mary Pernicy (1847-1898)
Colgate, James Horace (-UNKNOWN)
Colgate, Ruby Lee (12 NOV 1917-17 APR 1972)
Colley, Samuel F. (-UNKNOWN)
Collier, Eula (Private-)
Collier, Mary (5 JAN 1846-11 DEC 1911)
Collier, Maxie (-1959)
Collins, ?? (Private-)
Collins, Beulah Lewis (-26 MAR 1979)
Collins, Diane (Private-)
Collins, Ida Jane (5 OCT 1884-12 OCT 1905)
Collins, Jack (Private-)
Collins, Thomas Sterling (-UNKNOWN)
Collinsworth, Cullen (Private-)
Collinsworth, David (Private-)
Collinsworth, Eric Daniel (Private-)
Collinsworth, Lauren Hayley (Private-)
Collinsworth, Michael David (Private-)
Combs, Ernest Alvia "Ernie" (11 JAN 1894-15 OCT 1944)
Combs, Lora Lee (14 SEP 1915-19 MAY 1976)
Combs, William (-UNKNOWN)
Comer, Charlie (14 JUL 1924-5 DEC 1987)
Comer, Corrine (-UNKNOWN)
Comer, David Allen (Private-)
Comer, James L. (Private-)
Comer, Mary Ann (Private-)
Comer, Matthew Brian (Private-)
Compton, Kipper (Private-)
Compton, Tim (Private-)
Conchin, ? (Private-)
Conley, Louise (Private-)
Conour, Larry (Private-)
Conry, Jr., Joe E. (Private-)
Conry, Robert Allen (Private-)
Conry, Shirley Ruth (Private-)
Conyers, Mary Luann (-UNKNOWN)
Conyers, Paschal Cradic (-UNKNOWN)
Cook, Albert (Private-)
Cook, Barbara (Private-)
Cook, Carol Frances (Private-)
Cook, Cynthia (Private-)
Cook, Deborah Susan (Private-)
Cook, Norma (-UNKNOWN)
Cook, Ola Goad (-UNKNOWN)
Cook, Rena Michelle (Private-)
Cook, William Harold (Private-)
Cooley, Sr., Woodrow Frank (Private-)
Cooper, ?? (ABT 1747-UNKNOWN)
Cooper, Edith (Private-)
Cooper, Ida (-UNKNOWN)
Cooper, Joseph (Private-)
Cooper, Joseph William (-UNKNOWN)
Cooper, Kathryn (Private-)
Cooper, Laura Louise (5 AUG 1884-26 MAR 1954)
Cooper, Lula Augusta (-26 OCT 1944)
Cooper, Marcie (Private-)
Cooper, Vivian (-UNKNOWN)
Copeland, Letha (25 OCT 1906-BEF 2000)
Coppage, Clifton Thomas (Private-)
Coppage, Kyle London (Private-)
Coppage, Lucius Stanfill (Private-)
Coppage, Mark Stanfield (Private-)
Coppage, Patricia Clair (Private-)
Corbet, Clarissa (4 AUG 1882-4 AUG 1882)
Corbet, Dollie Virginia (JUL 1886-JUL 1886)
Corbet, Edith Eveline (20 AUG 1890-1905)
Corbet, Elizabeth Ann (26 MAR 1888-1915)
Corbet, James Alexander (18 AUG 1878-UNKNOWN)
Corbet, Mary Hannah (4 DEC 1875-UNKNOWN)
Corbet, Minnie Lee (18 MAY 1892-4 MAR 1977)
Corbet, Robert Henry (23 APR 1874-1937)
Corbet, Robert Henry (3 OCT 1849-26 MAY 1897)
Corbet, Robert McKenzie (-UNKNOWN)
Corbet, Thomas Cleveland (18 AUG 1884-UNKNOWN)
Corbet, William Morrison (5 JUL 1880-1940)
Corbett, Jack (-UNKNOWN)
Corcoran, Jack (-UNKNOWN)
Courtney, Catherine (ABT 1792-JUL 1850)
Courtney, Christopher David (Private-)
Courtney, Larry David (Private-)
Cowey, Clyde Odell (Private-)
Cox, Bernice (Private-)
Cox, Denise (Private-)
Cox, Donna Sue (Private-)
Cox, Emily A. (-UNKNOWN)
Cox, Ethel (-UNKNOWN)
Cox, Frank Herbert (Private-)
Cox, Frankie (20 SEP 1885-23 AUG 1983)
Cox, Freda Faye (Private-)
Cox, George Harvey (Private-)
Cox, Gerald Delano (Private-)
Cox, Glenn Waverly (29 JUN 1906-UNKNOWN)
Cox, Helen Pauline (Private-)
Cox, James Harvey (27 MAY 1884-6 JUL 1970)
Cox, Jerry Joe (Private-)
Cox, Lula (Private-)
Cox, Mary Rose (Private-)
Cox, Ralph (28 JUN 1908-1913)
Cox, Robert Eugene (Private-)
Cox, Virginia Lee (Private-)
Cox, Winnie (-UNKNOWN)
Crabtree, William McKinley (-UNKNOWN)
Craddock, Allen Todd (Private-)
Craddock, Benjamin Dallas (Private-)
Craddock, Bessie Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Craddock, Edna Rhea (Private-)
Craddock, James Dallas (23 JUN 1904-27 MAR 1972)
Craddock, James Harrison (Private-)
Craddock, Leland (-UNKNOWN)
Craddock, Nancy Evelyn (Private-)
Craft, Rita Janell (Private-)
Crafton, Linda (Private-)
Crain, David Lee (Private-)
Crain, Dorothy Edna (5 MAR 1925-16 MAR 1950)
Crain, J. O. (-UNKNOWN)
Crain, James Clyde (Private-)
Crain, James Eli "Jim" (-UNKNOWN)
Crain, James Rumsey (Private-)
Crain, Josephine May (Private-)
Crain, Lisa Crain (Private-)
Crain, Mary Jane (Private-)
Crain, Michael (Private-)
Crain, Patricia (Private-)
Crain, Patsy (Private-)
Crain, Roy Frank (Private-)
Crain, Rumsey (Private-)
Crank, Eunice (Private-)
Crawford, Anita Louise (Private-)
Creason, Willie (-UNKNOWN)
Creech, James W. (Private-)
Creek, Ernest D. (-UNKNOWN)
Creek, Maude (28 JUL 1883-14 DEC 1973)
Creek, Myrtle Paralee (5 MAY 1894-14 NOV 1971)
Creek, Thomas Critton (1862-1940)
Crook, Cathy Luanne (Private-)
Crosa, Clark (-UNKNOWN)
Croson, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Cross, Norman (Private-)
Crouch, Molly Bell (-UNKNOWN)
Crow, John (Private-)
Crow, John Clyde (Private-)
Crow, Linna Montez (Private-)
Crow, W. K. (-UNKNOWN)
Crowder, Mabel (Private-)
Crowell, H. Glen (1 DEC 1893-28 DEC 1980)
Crowsey, Ancil Gene (4 AUG 1937-29 OCT 1985)
Crowsey, Bengie Riley (Private-)
Crowsey, Bradley Gene (Private-)
Crowsey, Charles Michael (Private-)
Crowsey, Cheryl Ann (Private-)
Crowsey, Henry Riley (Private-)
Crowsey, Horace (Private-)
Crowsey, Patti Jane (Private-)
Crowsey, Penny Lee (Private-)
Crowsey, Sharon (Private-)
Crowsey, Sherlyn Denise (Private-)
Crowsey, Tammi Lin (Private-)
Cruce, Alvin (Private-)
Cruce, Glenda Jane (Private-)
Crudup, Josiah (-UNKNOWN)
Crudup, Permelia "Polly" Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
Crutchfield, Sue Carol (Private-)
Culbertson, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Cummings, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Cummings, Colleen Patricia (Private-)
Cummings, George Michael (-UNKNOWN)
Cummings, Judith Ann (Private-)
Cummings, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Cummins, J. Isom (-UNKNOWN)
Cummins, Lucy (Private-)
Cummins, Robert William (Private-)
Cunningham, Betty Marie (Private-)
Cunningham, Gary (Private-)
Cunningham, Janie Tenneille (Private-)
Cunningham, Lillian G. (21 DEC 1904-UNKNOWN)
Cunningham, Nellie Opal (Private-)
Cunningham, William (-UNKNOWN)
Curlin, Elizabeth M. (-8 AUG 1987)
Curry, Norma (Private-)
Curtis, Annie Jenkins (-UNKNOWN)
Curtis, Joe (Private-)
Custer, Blanch (ABT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Custer, Catharine (ABT DEC 1859-UNKNOWN)
Custer, Elbert W. (ABT 1849-UNKNOWN)
Custer, Elbert W. (-UNKNOWN)
Custer, Elizabeth (ABT 1842-UNKNOWN)
Custer, Ellen (ABT 1845-UNKNOWN)
Custer, Emma Cora (-UNKNOWN)
Custer, John (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Custer, Michael (ABT 1846-UNKNOWN)
Custer, Rebecca (ABT 1853-UNKNOWN)
Custer, Sarah Frances "Fanny" (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Cutshaw, Lemuel Berline (Private-)
Cuttrell, Alvin (-UNKNOWN)
Cypert, Jim (Private-)
Cypert, Shasta (Private-)
Cyrus, Edyth Florence (Private-)
Dall, Carol (Private-)
Dalton, Billie Jean (Private-)
Dalton, Ferrell (Private-)
Dalton, Mae (Private-)
Dalzall, Philip (-UNKNOWN)
Dangeleizen, Laura Wilhelmina (-UNKNOWN)
Daniels, Brenda Arlene (Private-)
Daniels, Carol Jean (Private-)
Daniels, Charles Alma (31 DEC 1907-UNKNOWN)
Daniels, Dixie Lee (Private-)
Daniels, Earl Morris (Private-)
Daniels, Gail Beth (Private-)
Daniels, Garry Lee (Private-)
Daniels, Harold Darwin (Private-)
Daniels, Jennifer Lee (Private-)
Daniels, Jessica Nicole (Private-)
Daniels, Jessie Lorene (Private-)
Daniels, John Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Daniels, Joseph Andrew (6 MAY 1875-26 DEC 1957)
Daniels, Joseph Lee (Private-)
Daniels, Matthew Earl (Private-)
Daniels, Rowena Ann (Private-)
Daniels, Susie Marie (Private-)
Daniels, Thomas Eldredge (8 APR 1902-UNKNOWN)
Daniels, Troy Darwin (Private-)
Daniels, Walter Darwin (12 MAR 1904-UNKNOWN)
Daniels, Zella Jo (Private-)
Darden, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Darr, Daniel R. (Private-)
Davenport, Delmar Rober (Private-)
Davenport, Jr., Douglas (Private-)
Davenport, Helen Ann (Private-)
Davenport, Jim (Private-)
Davenport, Johnny (Private-)
Davenport, III, Lawrence Douglas (Private-)
Davenport, Linda Joyce (Private-)
Davenport, Mamie (-BEF 1988)
Davenport, Martha Jewell (Private-)
Davenport, Marvin (Private-)
Davenport, William Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Davenprot, Myra Patricia (Private-)
David, Scot W (Private-)
Davids, Macye (Private-)
Davidson, Blanche (-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Adalay (Private-)
Davis, Anna Jo (Private-)
Davis, David Arthur (-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Elizabeth Alberta "Lizzie" (21 APR 1898-14 FEB 1981)
Davis, Frances B. (17 JAN 1839-8 FEB 1916)
Davis, Harold Frank (Private-)
Davis, James Lafayette "Jim" (-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Jonell (Private-)
Davis, Laura Marie (Private-)
Davis, Martha E. (1 SEP 1828-14 NOV 1909)
Davis, Mary Maxine (9 JUN 1925-21 JUN 1925)
Davis, Naomi Vivian (Private-)
Davis, Penelope (Private-)
Davis, Terrie (-UNKNOWN)
Davis, Walter Lafayette (23 AUG 1893-UNKNOWN)
Davis, William J. (-UNKNOWN)
Davison, ?? (-UNKNOWN)
De Jarnatt, Sarah Elizabeth Ann (-UNKNOWN)
DeFarge, Audrey (Private-)
DeGabain, Donna Lee (Private-)
DeGeorge, Donna (Private-)
DeLap, Jack I. (Private-)
DeVenney, ?? (Private-)
DeVenney, George (Private-)
DeWalt, Baby Girl (23 MAR 1967-23 MAR 1967)
DeWalt, Gary Waymon (Private-)
DeWalt, Robert B. (Private-)
DeWalt, Scott Barton (Private-)
DeWhitt, Mary Jane Belle (10 OCT 1848-JUN 1928)
Deal, Clara (Private-)
Deason, Francis Ellery (-UNKNOWN)
Deason, Mary Aileen (1 JUL 1908-21 JUN 1966)
Deen, Josiah (-UNKNOWN)
Deen, Mary Geneva (22 FEB 1866-28 JAN 1892)
Defoot, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Del Petty, John (-UNKNOWN)
Dela Gray, James S. (1889-1942)
Delaney, Ben (-UNKNOWN)
Delaney, Doris Mattie (Private-)
Delaney, James Frances (Private-)
Delila, (-UNKNOWN)
Denney, Charles Edward (Private-)
Denney, Charles Pullias (29 APR 1900-2 DEC 1955)
Denney, Lydia Mildred (Private-)
Dennis, Absalon (-UNKNOWN)
Dennis, Donald Lee (Private-)
Dennis, Woodrow Thomas (Private-)
Dennison, Hazel Stone (-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Allen (Private-)
Denny, Grant Anderson (Private-)
Denny, Henry (Private-)
Denny, Luke Burton (Private-)
Denny, Mary Michel (Private-)
Denny, Mike (Private-)
Denny, Nellie Johnson (-UNKNOWN)
Denny, Samuel E. (-UNKNOWN)
Denzel, Scott (Private-)
Deuser, Theola Kathleen (Private-)
Diamond, Alice Leigh (Private-)
Dickerson, Jason Todd (Private-)
Dickerson, John Paul (Private-)
Dickerson, Melissa Dawn (Private-)
Dickerson, Ronnie Otis (Private-)
Dicks, Patricia (Private-)
Dickson, Ellen Marie (Private-)
Dies, Manda Lee (Private-)
Dietz, Carl Payson (Private-)
Diggs, Lurlene (Private-)
Dildy, Jr., Dale (Private-)
Dildy, Dale (15 OCT 1909-4 FEB 1939)
Dillahunty, Inez (Private-)
Dillard, Sally (-UNKNOWN)
Dillon, James Aud (-UNKNOWN)
Ditterline, Russel L. (Private-)
Ditto, Sandra Kay (Private-)
Dixon, Jr., Calvin Merton (Private-)
Dixon, Calvin Merton (Private-)
Dixon, Calvin Porter (Private-)
Dixon, Robert Thaxton (Private-)
Dockray, Clifford "Doc" (Private-)
Dodd, Chrissa Leanne (19 FEB 1971-26 FEB 1980)
Dodd, Ed (-UNKNOWN)
Dodd, James Robert (Private-)
Dodd, Matthew Robert (Private-)
Dodd, Reetha Lee (10 JUL 1880-1 DEC 1969)
Dodd, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Dodd, Wayne (Private-)
Donaldson, William (-UNKNOWN)
Donnell, Hollis G. (JAN 1893-UNKNOWN)
Donnell, James F (DEC 1886-UNKNOWN)
Donnell, John Addison (15 MAY 1877-UNKNOWN)
Donnell, Katherine Jeanette (Private-)
Donnell, Leslie C. (JAN 1895-UNKNOWN)
Donnell, Lucie (28 JAN 1858-17 JUN 1896)
Donnell, Mary E. (JAN 1890-UNKNOWN)
Donnell, Pearl (15 NOV 1887-20 FEB 1985)
Donnell, Pearley Zoolah (23 JAN 1875-UNKNOWN)
Donnell, Riley (OCT 1879-UNKNOWN)
Donnell, Samuel Thompson (18 FEB 1873-UNKNOWN)
Donnell, Theodric Frank (JUL 1849-UNKNOWN)
Donnelly, Marguerite C. (-UNKNOWN)
Doremus, Robert Taylor (Private-)
Doris, Bernice (-UNKNOWN)
Doshier, Wanda (Private-)
Doss, Elizabeth (Private-)
Doss, Jewel (-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Alfred Mason (-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Arnold Ray (Private-)
Douglas, Earl (Private-)
Douglas, Edward Earl (Private-)
Douglas, James Christopher (Private-)
Douglas, Jessie Lee (19 DEC 1872-20 MAR 1951)
Douglas, John Wesley (-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Melvin Ralph (Private-)
Douglas, Nell (-UNKNOWN)
Douglas, Robert Franklin (Private-)
Dovie, (-UNKNOWN)
Downs, Jr., Nicholas Oria (-UNKNOWN)
Doyle, Patricia (Private-)
Doyle, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Doylene, (Private-)
Dozarth, Billie (Private-)
Draper, Bonnie Ray (Private-)
Draper, Patricia Jo (Private-)
Draper, Richard Terry (Private-)
Drennan, Ethel (1881-1944)
Drennan, Wayne (Private-)
Drennon, John (-UNKNOWN)
Drews, Edwin (Private-)
Drews, Karen Sue (Private-)
Driver, Mary Lorelei (Private-)
Duffey, Erskine C. (Private-)
Duffey, John William (Private-)
Duffey, Kathleen Marie (Private-)
Duffey, Michael Steven (Private-)
Duffey, Samuel Steven (Private-)
Duffy, Sarah Louise (Private-)
Duke, Bob (Private-)
Dukes, Hubert Earl (-UNKNOWN)
Dukes, Jr., Hubert Earl (-UNKNOWN)
Dukes, Kenneth Ray (Private-)
Dulceno, Florence Marie Cathrine (Private-)
Duncan, Blanche (1908-1963)
Duncan, Charles Burton (Private-)
Duncan, Charles George (-UNKNOWN)
Duncan, Donald (Private-)
Duncan, Donald (Private-)
Duncan, Elverta (Private-)
Duncan, Joe Mitchell (Private-)
Duncan, Levernne (1916-1916)
Duncan, Mitchell C. (1913-1913)
Dunham, Katherine (Private-)
Dunham, Maynard (Private-)
Dunham, Maynard (Private-)
Dunn, Alice (9 JAN 1861-9 SEP 1940)
Dunn, Georgia (-UNKNOWN)
Dunn, Myrtle (-UNKNOWN)
Dunnavant, Jonathan Wesley (Private-)
Dunnavant, Kenneth F. (Private-)
Dunnavant, III, Kenneth Fagan (Private-)
Durbin, John Riley (Private-)
Durbin, Paul Davis (Private-)
Durbin, Peter John (Private-)
Durham, Jr., Charles Eastman (Private-)
Durham, Charles Eastman (Private-)
Durham, Frances Fannie (25 DEC 1828-22 NOV 1900)
Durham, Margaret Claire (Private-)
Durham, William (-UNKNOWN)
Durisko, Lynda G. (Private-)
Duvall, Joseph (Private-)
Dyer, Adolph (9 DEC 1924-6 JUL 1925)
Dyer, Jurriean H. (-UNKNOWN)
Dyer, Wanda (Private-)
Dygert, Kathryn Marie (Private-)
E, Gray, William (Private-)
Eady, Margie (-UNKNOWN)
Eaker, Natasha Renee (Private-)
Eaker, Wendell (Private-)
Earhart, Provie Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Earl, Annie Cordelia (1869-1957)
Easley, George Woodson (-UNKNOWN)
Easley, Marjorie Elizabeth (Private-)
Easley, Nancy Hamilton (-UNKNOWN)
Eason, Joan Lavern (Private-)
Easterling, Bettie Frances (Private-)
Easterling, Brenda Jean (Private-)
Easterling, Charles Arthur (Private-)
Easterling, Daniel S. (-UNKNOWN)
Easterling, Dora Dianne (Private-)
Easterling, Elizabeth Fern (Private-)
Easterling, Freddie Lile (Private-)
Easterling, Jacky Lawrence (Private-)
Easterling, James Donald (Private-)
Easterling, James Shadrick (10 JUL 1870-7 MAR 1945)
Easterling, Janice Ray (Private-)
Easterling, Jonathan (Private-)
Easterling, Julia (Private-)
Easterling, Kinnie Edwain (10 OCT 1909-20 AUG 1979)
Easterling, Lawrence (5 OCT 1919-2 JUL 1990)
Easterling, Lee Roy (17 MAY 1917-26 APR 1990)
Easterling, Linda Rhea (Private-)
Easterling, Mabel Lois (Private-)
Easterling, Mary Lou (Private-)
Easterling, Patricia Mae (Private-)
Easterling, Robert Lile (Private-)
Easterling, Syble (26 DEC 1938-26 DEC 1938)
Easterling, Teresa Kay (Private-)
Easterling, William Homer (Private-)
Easterling, William Ray (Private-)
Eatherly, Fannie E. (-UNKNOWN)
Eatherly, Lizzie A. (-UNKNOWN)
Eatherly, Viola G. (-UNKNOWN)
Eaton, Christiana (-UNKNOWN)
Eaton, Permelia J. (-UNKNOWN)
Eberhart, Corbie Clayborn (Private-)
Eberhart, Emma (-UNKNOWN)
Eberts, Cheryl (Private-)
Eddings, Tom (-UNKNOWN)
Edgar, Eunice (Private-)
Edward, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Edward, Lucinda M. (22 NOV 1841-1890)
Edward, Tabitha (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Aaron (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Albert Calfee (12 FEB 1884-1982)
Edwards, Albert G. (29 DEC 1837-13 JAN 1915)
Edwards, Alta (2 AUG 1884-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Anna (20 NOV 1872-23 JUL 1896)
Edwards, Arrena (1838-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Billy Roy (Private-)
Edwards, Bradford (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Catharine H. (ABT 1854-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Chad Preston (Private-)
Edwards, Charles (Private-)
Edwards, Christy Beth (Private-)
Edwards, Daisey Lurena (19 OCT 1873-15 MAY 1879)
Edwards, Dennis McKee (Private-)
Edwards, Donald (2 NOV 1878-4 JUL 1882)
Edwards, Eaton (1804-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Jr., Eaton (1840-31 MAY 1862)
Edwards, Edward (8 MAY 1793-8 JUN 1869)
Edwards, Edward (4 DEC 1848-28 DEC 1919)
Edwards, Edward (1733-1790)
Edwards, Edward Ramey (14 DEC 1851-18 MAY 1948)
Edwards, Eli (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Elie P. (ABT 1852-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Elis (15 OCT 1789-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Elizabeth (5 NOV 1795-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Elizabeth (1830-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Eva Gertrude (14 JAN 1887-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Francis Marion (FEB 1848-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, George William (4 MAY 1828-31 JAN 1894)
Edwards, Geraldine (8 MAR 1890-1973)
Edwards, Hannah (1 DEC 1802-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Harvey Carrol (25 NOV 1885-14 NOV 1970)
Edwards, Hatton (1856-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Henry (23 FEB 1798-14 MAY 1856)
Edwards, Henry Houston (MAY 1840-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Hiram (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Hiram (1832-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Hollis Perry (6 SEP 1903-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Homer P. (13 APR 1884-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Howard (8 AUG 1891-25 NOV 1955)
Edwards, Howard Clayton (19 JUN 1893-2 JUN 1979)
Edwards, Hugh (28 MAY 1805-1866)
Edwards, Hugh (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Ida Irene (7 OCT 1871-1 AUG 1950)
Edwards, James Louis (9 NOV 1879-19 AUG 1917)
Edwards, James Tompkins (12 JUN 1817-17 OCT 1882)
Edwards, Jarratt W. (18 JAN 1817-21 JAN 1891)
Edwards, Jessie M Edward (1880-1962)
Edwards, John (1832-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, John (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, John (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, John (1838-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, John (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, John Arthur (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, John Dean (Private-)
Edwards, John E. (1833-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, John G. (ABT 1847-14 DEC 1891)
Edwards, John Harrison (26 JUN 1892-2 JUN 1979)
Edwards, John Lasater (22 OCT 1822-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Karen Lynn (Private-)
Edwards, Kathryn Michele (Private-)
Edwards, Kimberly Dawn (Private-)
Edwards, Lela Pearl (8 JAN 1887-23 MAR 1971)
Edwards, Leslie Raymond (30 JUL 1887-7 JUL 1972)
Edwards, Letitia (BET 1854 AND 1855-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Lillian Jane (17 JUN 1897-26 JUL 1966)
Edwards, Lois Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Lucille (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Lucinda (19 JUL 1824-26 JUL 1848)
Edwards, Lucy (7 OCT 1800-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Luther Epps (3 AUG 1890-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Lydia Elizabeth (27 NOV 1874-23 MAR 1923)
Edwards, Marcus DeLafayette (15 NOV 1834-14 AUG 1919)
Edwards, Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Marshall (1835-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Martha F. (ABT 1833-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Martha Pricilla (15 MAY 1845-9 JAN 1869)
Edwards, Mary (1844-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Mary (16 MAY 1791-1835)
Edwards, Mary (1835-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Mary "Polly" (26 JAN 1821-11 JUN 1890)
Edwards, Mary Elizabeth " Lizzie" (4 APR 1894-6 NOV 1956)
Edwards, Mary Jane (7 DEC 1844-18 SEP 1882)
Edwards, Mary Jones (8 AUG 1862-4 OCT 1867)
Edwards, Mary Lucinda (18 SEP 1843-10 APR 1875)
Edwards, Mary Maude (12 DEC 1899-JUN 1997)
Edwards, Mattie Vera (30 JAN 1888-AUG 1970)
Edwards, Maude E. (15 JUN 1886-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, May Louise (Private-)
Edwards, Michael M. (1812-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Minnie (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Myrtle (25 MAR 1876-5 FEB 1946)
Edwards, Nancy (1837-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Nancy (11 APR 1810-6 MAY 1862)
Edwards, Nancy (ABT 1792-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Nancy E. (1857-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Nancy Francis (1834-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Nancy Francis (21 OCT 1841-4 NOV 1878)
Edwards, Narcisa (1836-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Nicholas (27 AUG 1787-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Nickolus Gustavus (1843-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Nina (29 JUL 1888-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Ollie Mace (15 JUL 1887-10 APR 1972)
Edwards, Ora Olive (5 MAR 1882-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Phera (23 SEP 1859-20 MAR 1923)
Edwards, Polly (8 FEB 1807-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Priscilla (2 SEP 1826-20 AUG 1827)
Edwards, R. Eunice (1850-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Rebecca (1841-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Rebekah (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Reccord (JAN 1860-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Robert (13 FEB 1759-17 NOV 1831)
Edwards, Robert (13 NOV 1818-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Robert A. (ABT 1847-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Robert Carrol (21 OCT 1859-23 APR 1929)
Edwards, Robert Green (9 JUN 1845-21 MAR 1889)
Edwards, Robert Lee (26 MAR 1890-JUL 1960)
Edwards, Ruby Alice (5 JUN 1893-27 JUN 1983)
Edwards, Samuel (1 OCT 1851-26 JAN 1919)
Edwards, Samuel Franklin (14 SEP 1881-3 JUL 1947)
Edwards, Sarah (1846-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Sarah (1828-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Sarah "Sally" (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Sarah Elizabeth (15 JUL 1839-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Thomas Cowan (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, U. M. (ABT 1859-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Wendell Edward (Private-)
Edwards, Wesley B. (JUL 1845-13 MAR 1909)
Edwards, Wesley Bennett (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, Wiliam Perry (-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, William Carrol (2 OCT 1820-22 DEC 1891)
Edwards, William Durham (23 SEP 1849-31 AUG 1923)
Edwards, William Harris (ABT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, William Henry (17 AUG 1840-UNKNOWN)
Edwards, William Joseph (4 OCT 1870-13 AUG 1947)
Edwards, William Penn (6 OCT 1894-24 FEB 1975)
Eggert, Claire Harper (Private-)
Eggert, Jr., Donald Frank (Private-)
Eggert, Elizabeth Rose (Private-)
Eidson, Polly Florence (-UNKNOWN)
Elder, Billy Ray (Private-)
Elder, Dean (Private-)
Elder, Jr., J. W. (Private-)
Elder, Sr., J. W. (-UNKNOWN)
Elder, Kathryn Aldean (10 FEB 1921-6 FEB 1971)
Elder, Mary Ann (Private-)
Elder, Sammiee Lee (Private-)
Eldridge, Kay (Private-)
Elizabeth, (Private-)
Elizabeth, (-UNKNOWN)
Ellie, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Elliot, ? (Private-)
Elliot, Steve (Private-)
Ellis, Elizabeth (Private-)
Ellis, Fred (Private-)
Ellis, Gertrude (Private-)
Ellis, Mary Evelyn (Private-)
Ellis, Suzanne (Private-)
Ellis, Tom (-UNKNOWN)
Elrod, Jessie Viola (Private-)
Elrod, William (-UNKNOWN)
Emory, Sherrie Kay (Private-)
Endicott, Virginia C. (-UNKNOWN)
England, Katie (-UNKNOWN)
English, Brian David (Private-)
English, James Edward (Private-)
English, Kevin Russell (Private-)
English, Laura Annette (Private-)
English, Matthew Jordan (Private-)
English, Phillip E. (Private-)
English, Ricky Glenn (Private-)
Epps, Pleasant (ABT 1753-UNKNOWN)
Erkenbrach, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Erkenbrach, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Eskew, Alfred (-UNKNOWN)
Eskew, Allen Daniel (-UNKNOWN)
Eskew, Andrew (-UNKNOWN)
Eskew, Emily Frances (16 MAY 1840-30 APR 1889)
Eskew, H. L. (-UNKNOWN)
Eskew, James Preson (Private-)
Eskew, Lou Effie Tennessee (19 SEP 1875-20 JUN 1937)
Eskew, Margaret Amelia "Millie" (Private-)
Eskew, Millie Frances (-UNKNOWN)
Eskew, Rufus (24 FEB 1842-UNKNOWN)
Estes, Eva Jean (Private-)
Estes, Grace Truman (2 JUL 1896-13 MAY 1988)
Estes, John E. (DEC 1868-UNKNOWN)
Estes, John Frankline (Private-)
Estes, John Scipio (-UNKNOWN)
Estes, Samuel Clyde (JUL 1897-21 SEP 1958)
Eubanks, Audrey Pearl (Private-)
Eubanks, Jr., Charles Dean (Private-)
Eubanks, Sr., Charles Dean (Private-)
Eubanks, Gayle Annyse (Private-)
Eubanks, James A. "Curley" (Private-)
Eubanks, Richard Eugene (Private-)
Eubanks, Sheryl Ann (Private-)
Eubanks, Jr., Willie Oudria (1935-1935)
Eubanks, Willie Oudria (-UNKNOWN)
Evans, Albert Green (19 NOV 1874-20 FEB 1951)
Evans, Andenealy (1888-1890)
Evans, Avonell (1913-1932)
Evans, Bessie Hazel (Private-)
Evans, Carrie Frances (Private-)
Evans, Chalres Leslie (Private-)
Evans, Charles Herman "Charlie" (30 SEP 1872-21 OCT 1933)
Evans, Claude Evert (1886-1888)
Evans, Edythe Evelyn (1903-1949)
Evans, Evelyn (1908-1961)
Evans, Fern Erlene (Private-)
Evans, Flo Gladys (Private-)
Evans, Frank Edison (1915-1916)
Evans, George Oscar (-UNKNOWN)
Evans, Glenowyn (1904-1904)
Evans, James Rufus (-UNKNOWN)
Evans, Joseph C. "Joe" (7 NOV 1870-18 NOV 1954)
Evans, Laura Kathreen (Private-)
Evans, Laurie (Private-)
Evans, Lawrence Burton (Private-)
Evans, Lisa (Private-)
Evans, Mable Madonna (Private-)
Evans, Mareta (1897-1981)
Evans, Marion Russell (Private-)
Evans, Maude (19 MAR 1882-APR 1965)
Evans, Maxine (Private-)
Evans, Nettie Mae (15 MAY 1884-20 SEP 1938)
Evans, Ollie (Private-)
Evans, Otis M. (1883-UNKNOWN)
Evans, Phillip Donald (1899-1900)
Evans, Reba Esther (1896-1969)
Evans, Robert (Private-)
Evans, Roy Winston (Private-)
Evans, Ruby Mae (1905-UNKNOWN)
Evans, Sarah Etta (21 OCT 1879-7 NOV 1963)
Evans, Thelma Leona (1901-1903)
Evans, Tommy Nicholas (Private-)
Evans, Unnamed Infant Daughter (-UNKNOWN)
Evans, Versa Mae (1902-UNKNOWN)
Evans, Wayne (1904-1904)
Evans, William Cornelius "Bud" (20 FEB 1847-21 NOV 1912)
Evans, William Edwin (1868-1888)
Evans, William G. (-UNKNOWN)
Evans, William Kenneth (Private-)
Evans, William Marshall (1907-1959)
Evans, William Theodore (1905-UNKNOWN)
Evelyn, (6 JUL 1907-12 NOV 1981)
Evetts, Alton J. (28 SEP 1892-24 JUN 1985)
Evetts, Mary Virginia (Private-)
Evins, Karl (Private-)
Ewen, Tina Marie (Private-)
Fagg, Jimmy D. (Private-)
Fain, Jason Gregory (Private-)
Fain, Lida (Private-)
Fain, Luther Wayne (Private-)
Fair, Cora Ethel (-UNKNOWN)
Fair, Edwin Claudia (-UNKNOWN)
Fair, Ellis (-UNKNOWN)
Fair, Ellis Hamilton (-UNKNOWN)
Fair, Emma Vivian (-UNKNOWN)
Fair, Martha Edna (-UNKNOWN)
Fair, Mary Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Fair, Richard Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Fair, Jr., Stephen Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Fair, Stephen Thomas (ABT 1836-UNKNOWN)
Fair, William Wallace (-UNKNOWN)
Fakes, Elizabeth (7 JUL 1832-20 JUN 1894)
Fakes, John (ABT 1780-UNKNOWN)
Fakes, John Madison (21 JUL 1849-UNKNOWN)
Fakes, William (4 OCT 1815-9 JUL 1888)
Fallis, Archie Edward (14 APR 1869-31 MAY 1932)
Fallis, Audra Pearl (16 DEC 1898-UNKNOWN)
Fallis, Don Edward (Private-)
Fallis, Ella Ray (20 JAN 1900-UNKNOWN)
Fallis, Gracie Lorene (24 APR 1909-1958)
Fallis, James Edward (20 MAY 1906-UNKNOWN)
Fallis, James Kenneth (Private-)
Fallis, Julia Alberta (4 NOV 1902-UNKNOWN)
Fallis, Layman Churchill (13 APR 1920-18 OCT 1923)
Fallis, Lois Mae (Private-)
Fallis, Marvin Bishop (26 JUN 1891-1963)
Fallis, Mattie (30 SEP 1904-UNKNOWN)
Fallis, Ora Elizabeth (21 JUL 1894-MAY 1967)
Fallis, Ottie Lee (2 DEC 1892-1964)
Fallis, Thomas Layman (10 NOV 1937-21 DEC 1937)
Fallis, Thomas Layman (21 NOV 1896-1 FEB 1975)
Fancher, II, Thomas Hampton (-UNKNOWN)
Fancher, Virginia (11 AUG 1910-12 SEP 1980)
Farmer, Benjamin (Private-)
Farmer, Thomas A. (Private-)
Farmer, Tollette (Private-)
Farmer, Wade H. (Private-)
Farrel, Mary Victoria (-UNKNOWN)
Farwell, Tamara (Private-)
Fawbush, Adelle Pearl (-UNKNOWN)
Featherston, Leah Nicole (Private-)
Featherston, Randal (Private-)
Featherstone, William Lee (Private-)
Fenster, Patricia (Private-)
Ferguson, Ruth (Private-)
Ferrel, Betty Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Ferrell, Pat (Private-)
Ferrington, John (-UNKNOWN)
Ferrington, Nancy (1796-15 OCT 1876)
Fincher, John Warner (Private-)
Fincher, Melissa Ann (Private-)
Fincher, Scott (Private-)
Fincher, Stephen Adolphus (Private-)
Fingers, Amanda Elmyra "Myra" (3 DEC 1856-11 MAR 1941)
Finny, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Fischer, Marvin Wayne (Private-)
Fischer, Marvin Wayne (Private-)
Fisher, Jessie (Private-)
Fite, Alice (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Amy Nicole (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Catherine Dianne (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Clark Otho (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Doyle Ray (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Dustin Oneal (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Eddy Lee (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Emily Elizabeth (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Eric Rene (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Ernest (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Frank (20 OCT 1889-7 MAY 1964)
Fitzhugh, Frank Ithan (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Jacob Lee (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Janis Sue (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Jerry Lynn (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Kimberly Katherine (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Margaret Hannah (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Michael Anthony (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Michelle Ree (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Ola Ruth (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Sarah Ruth (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Thomas D. L. (Private-)
Fitzhugh, Todd Lawrence (Private-)
Fiveash, J. A. (-UNKNOWN)
Fiveash, J. W. (4 DEC 1899-27 MAY 1971)
Fiveash, Jalene Louis (Private-)
Fiveash, Mamie Sarah (28 JUN 1932-21 MAY 1937)
Fiveash, Virginia (30 SEP 1934-30 SEP 1934)
Flaugher, David Michael (Private-)
Fleming, Benjamin Hooker (5 JAN 1873-21 FEB 1948)
Fleming, Cora Mae (ABT 1881-ABT 1881)
Fleming, Della Ann (29 MAY 1885-5 APR 1958)
Fleming, Essie Bea (3 MAY 1898-UNKNOWN)
Fleming, Eva Lena (17 AUG 1892-27 DEC 1971)
Fleming, George Wilbert (24 JUN 1882-11 SEP 1937)
Fleming, Hiram Lewis (-AUG 1882)
Fleming, Infant Daughter1 (12 SEP 1912-12 SEP 1912)
Fleming, Infant Daughter2 (12 SEP 1912-12 SEP 1912)
Fleming, Infant Son (12 SEP 1912-12 SEP 1912)
Fleming, Jessie (-UNKNOWN)
Fleming, John Franklin (24 DEC 1878-20 JAN 1953)
Fleming, Mayme Jane (16 SEP 1894-19 MAY 1975)
Fleming, Minnie Alice (6 SEP 1879-UNKNOWN)
Fleming, Mollie Bell (ABT 1883-ABT 1883)
Fleming, Naomia Ellen "Ella" (6 MAR 1875-UNKNOWN)
Fleming, Reba (Private-)
Fleming, Romaine Tennessee (13 APR 1901-UNKNOWN)
Fleming, Roy Elbert (14 MAR 1890-24 MAY 1978)
Fleming, Ruby (Private-)
Fleming, Syble Katherine (Private-)
Fleming, William Emil (Private-)
Fleming, William Henry (16 OCT 1856-16 APR 1924)
Fleming, William Walter (8 MAR 1888-29 JAN 1951)
Flesher, Brian (Private-)
Fletcher, William (Private-)
Flinn, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Flippen, Rebecca Lynn (Private-)
Florida, Melinda (-UNKNOWN)
Flowers, Mike (Private-)
Floyd, Cecil McLauren (6 DEC 1906-UNKNOWN)
Floyd, Florence (-UNKNOWN)
Floyd, George (-UNKNOWN)
Floyd, John S. "Bud" (-UNKNOWN)
Floyd, Robert Cecil (Private-)
Floyd, Shirley Blanche (Private-)
Fly, James H. (-UNKNOWN)
Fly, Randall (Private-)
Fly, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Forbess, B. T. (-UNKNOWN)
Force, Jerry (Private-)
Ford, Myrtle Gertrude (-UNKNOWN)
Ford, Nettie Leona (-UNKNOWN)
Fore, Mary Lela (30 SEP 1890-UNKNOWN)
Fore, William (-UNKNOWN)
Forester, Flora Elizabeth (Private-)
Forgione, Robert (Private-)
Forsythe, Bryan (Private-)
Forsythe, Ernest (Private-)
Forsythe, Kristi (Private-)
Fort, Vanda (Private-)
Foshee, Carol (Private-)
Foster, Elizabeth (Private-)
Foster, Lucinda (1810-UNKNOWN)
Foster, Martha Emily (-UNKNOWN)
Fouke, Flossie (Private-)
Foutch, Irene (Private-)
Fowler, Ethel Beatrice (Private-)
Francis, George (-UNKNOWN)
Francis, Illa (Private-)
Francis, Myrtle (7 SEP 1892-UNKNOWN)
Frang, Eileen (Private-)
Franklin, Renee (Private-)
Franks, Marilyn (Private-)
Franks, Timothy Jack (Private-)
Freeman, Dona (Private-)
Freeman, Jerry (Private-)
Freeman, June (Private-)
Frizzell, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Frohlich, Megan (Private-)
Fry, ?? (-UNKNOWN)
Fryar, Irene (Private-)
Fulbright, Belton B. (-UNKNOWN)
Fulbright, Wilson (-UNKNOWN)
Fuller, Amos Elexander (31 JAN 1857-16 FEB 1936)
Fuller, Charles (Private-)
Fuller, Edna Irene (9 FEB 1890-25 SEP 1959)
Fuller, Evereth Eugene (14 SEP 1886-5 NOV 1959)
Fuller, Herbert Fernando (16 JUL 1893-UNKNOWN)
Fuller, James (Private-)
Fuller, Lucian (2 JUL 1896-1 NOV 1909)
Fuller, Martha Christine (27 NOV 1902-UNKNOWN)

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