Husband: Daniel "Dan" Ragsdale
Born: BET 1766 AND 1776at: Married: ABT 1800 at: Moore County, NC Died: BET 1814 AND 1820at: Wilson County, TN Father:Asa Ragsdale Mother:Priscilla Merritt Other Spouses: Nancy Merritt
Wife: Nancy Merritt
Born: 22 OCT 1777 at: NC Died: 1826 at: Wilson County, TN Father:James Merritt Mother:Nancy Ann Coggin Other Spouses:
Name: Levin Ragsdale Born: 1802 at: NC Married: 3 SEP 1825 at: Wilson County, TN Died: 1877 at: Green County MO Spouses: Rebecca Merritt
Name: Rhoda Ragsdale Born: 1805 at: NC Married: 2 NOV 1826 at: Wilson County, TN Died: UNKNOWN at: Spouses: Asa Ragsdale
Name: Laura Ragsdale Born: 1806 at: NC Married: at: Died: UNKNOWN at: Greene, MO Spouses: Albert Goodman James Harvey Ragsdale
Name: Silas Merritt Ragsdale Born: 2 JAN 1810 at: Married: 6 NOV 1832 at: Wilson County, TN Died: 12 JAN 1876 at: Spouses: Nancy Rice
Name: Jane "Jincy" McGarner Ragsdale Born: NOV 1810 at: Wilson County, TN Married: 13 APR 1842 at: Wilson County, TN Died: 1863 at: Rolla, Phelps County, MO Spouses: Richard Jordan Ragsdale
Name: Nancy Ragsdale Born: 24 APR 1814 at: TN Married: 29 DEC 1835 at: Wilson County, TN Died: 9 NOV 1883 at: Christian, MO Spouses: Nathaniel Merritt

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